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Price analysis of Dogecoin, Pepe, and Crypto.com: all ready for the altseason

In this article we will see the latest graphic movements for the crypto Dogecoin, Pepe and Crypto.com.

All 3 of them are showing increases in the last 24 hours with performances significantly higher than the benchmark and the rest of the market.

Historically, in the past the pump of the memecoin sector has coincided with the end of the altseason cycle, but this time we could be only at the beginning of a long rally.

However, be careful not to take everything for granted and think that everything will grow from now on: as usual, cryptocurrencies can be unpredictable. and the volatility at this moment is extreme.

Below are all the details.

Great performance for the crypto Dogecoin, Pepe and Crypto.com

While Bitcoin attacks new historical highs, the rest of the crypto market is not standing still: Dogecoin, Pepe, and CRO are some of the coins that outperform the trend of digital gold driving their holders crazy.

In particular Dogecoin (DOGE) has grown by 8.9% in the last 24 hours, reaching for the first time since December 2021 the level of 0.18 dollars.

If we broaden our horizons, we see how Elon Musk’s favorite memecoin records a 98% increase in the last 7 days, while in the last month the rise stands at 130%.

With a market capitalization of over $25.8 billion, Dogecoin officially enters the top 10 of Coinmarkecap’s ranking, surpassing projects such as Avalanche, Polkadot, and Tron.

Pay attention now because after such a climb, the rise of DOGE could be interrupted right at the threshold of 0.18 dollars where an old support from July 2021 converges.

Anyway, the trend is clearly bullish at the moment.

Dogecoin DOGE crypto price chart
Weekly chart of Dogecoin price (DOGE/USDT)

Passing on another memecoin, namely Pepe (PEPE), we can observe a performance in the last few days that exceeds any expectation.

The most beloved frog in the crypto market is up 12.5% in the last 24 hours, 246% in the last 7 days, and 700% in the last month, ranking as the top gainer among the most capitalized coins.

Pepe is now uncontrollable and grows without looking anyone in the face: last week’s weekly candle in the chart against the dollar is emblematic of its price action.

In a single candle, Pepe has swept away any resistance, breaking the May 2023 highs recorded on the first day of listing on major cex and moving significantly away from them.

Needless to say, even though the chart cannot be more bullish than it is now, speculating on Pepe at this moment could be very dangerous, as the next downward corrections could be very violent.

crypto price chart PEPE
Weekly chart of Pepe price (PEPE/USDT)

Finally, even regarding the crypto of the Crypto.com platform (CRO), the situation seems very encouraging, with the prices of the coin reaching a value not seen since the distant May 2022.

In the last 24 hours Crypto.com records an increase in its value of 10.8%, while in the last 7 days the numbers grow to 56.4% and in the last month they mark a rise of 97.5%.

For this crypto, after a long phase of depression without market attention and with little activity on the decentralized network of reference, we finally return to smile.

Starting from October, prices on the weekly chart have risen above the EMA 50, indicating that now the bulls are in control of the situation.

Now keep an eye on the excessive extension of the trend, which could end with a price crash in the coming weeks if BTC does not hold the current levels and does not settle above the historical highs.

Weekly price chart of Cronos (CRO/USDT)

Are we already in altseason? When will the real explosion of altcoins arrive?

With the rises of Dogecoin, Pepe, and Crypto.com leading the crypto market rally, all traders are cheering for the arrival of the altseason, thinking that from now on all altcoins will explode upwards.

Although now undeniably many altcoin cryptos are offering very enticing profit opportunities, perhaps it is still too early to shout about the altseason.

Bitcoin has not yet surpassed its old all-time high of 2021 and the fourth halving in its history is expected in April: historically altcoins offer the highest returns in the market after BTC has completed its post-halving bullish phase (and not before).

If history were to repeat itself, the real altseason has yet to come and what we have witnessed in the last few weeks on the memecoin front is just a taste of what awaits us.

For those who instead argue that this time the arrival of ETF spot on Wall Street has “upset” the timing of market cycles and that the altseason is currently underway, we object that Bitcoin Dominance is still within a bullish trend, with the metric at 54% and a very strong bullish trend.

We expect this chart to reach at least 60% before it can reverse in favor of altcoins.

On the other hand, we must admit that slowly but surely we are getting closer to this long-awaited market phase, and in the meantime cryptos like Dogecoin, Pepe, and Crypto.com could continue their upward climb ahead of other similar coins.

Usually when Ethereum outperforms Bitcoin we have a premonitory signal of an imminent altseason, which begins with the favoring of the second cryptocurrency by market capitalization compared to digital gold.

As “Ash Crypto” observes, at the moment ETH is pumping while BTC is resting after yesterday’s rally.

We could therefore be at the beginning of this transition phase, which will last at least a few weeks before attention shifts to less capitalized coins.

From now until the coming months, all eyes on the Dencun update of the Ethereum blockchain and on the Bitcoin halving: these two major events could disrupt the current speculative dynamics, shifting the focus to the two assets.

Be careful not to expose yourself excessively on altcoins right now, after they have offered increases out of control and while speculative leverage is definitely high.

The risk of sharp price contractions and sudden flash crashes is currently very high.
To avoid being caught unprepared and to mitigate the potential risk, it is much better to buy spot and focus only on big cap.

Alessandro Adami
Alessandro Adami
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