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DePIN and Solana: access to the future of Web3 and crypto to empower the smartphone

Crypto news: APhone (DePIN), a virtual web-based smartphone application, officially introduces its launch in the Solana ecosystem. 

This innovative service redefines the mobile experience of Web3, offering millions of users a convenient way to interact with Web3 applications without any hardware limitations. 

Let’s see below all the details.

The innovations of Solana and DePIN for smartphones and crypto

As anticipated, APhone, a virtual phone application based on the web, revolutionizes the mobile experience of Web3 with the announcement of its official launch through the Solana ecosystem.

This offers millions of users a convenient way to interact with Web3 applications, overcoming hardware limitations.

The debut of APhone on Solana will open the doors to one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing Web3 ecosystems, with over 500 Web3 apps, games, NFTs, DeFi protocols, and millions of users, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted performance.

APhone comes preinstalled with high-quality blockchain applications such as Magic Eden, OKX, Bybit, and games like HoneyLand, Mighty Action Heroes, Warpcast, and others.

The APhone NFTs, which allow access to in-app experiences, can be minted and activated (burned) directly on the Solana chain. 

As a virtual mobile phone application powered by DePIN, with a $20 annual fee, APhone overcomes the hardware limitations of old phone models. 

In particular, allowing access to the solid DePIN ecosystem of Solana, where GPU, memory, and RAM are essential for a seamless experience.

APhone will open the doors to various DePIN key projects on Solana, including Helium, which rewards users for network coverage and transaction validation. 

Furthermore, considering the increasing penetration of smartphones and access to mobile Internet in emerging markets, APhone is committed to providing cloud-based GPU compute. 

Ensuring greater reach, stability, and accessibility in all regions, especially in emerging markets.

APhone: revolutionizing web3 access through distributed GPU Cloud

Powered by the distributed GPU Cloud infrastructure of Aethir, APhone overcomes hardware limitations and app store restrictions, allowing access to demanding applications and graphically intensive games directly through a browser. 

This solution avoids costly developments and backward compatibility issues. APhone’s decentralized approach ensures global distribution of user data, eliminating single points of failure and improving data security and privacy. 

Aethir also provides real-time services, including those for cloud gaming.

Jennifer Booze, former global business development manager at Polygon and currently leading the development and growth of the APhone ecosystem, stated:

“Our enthusiasm in launching on Solana and challenging the duopoly of Google Play and Apple’s App Store lies in promoting self-custody and open platforms for cryptocurrencies. We are here to help make web3 and cryptocurrencies more accessible, capturing the growing interest.”

The APhone app is available to users at an annual cost of 20 dollars. To celebrate the launch of the mainnet on Solana, APhone will offer selected Solana Mobile users discounted access to its platform.

Explosive growth of Solana DeFi: record trading volume and more

The recent data provided by DefiLlama highlight a significant increase in decentralized finance (DeFi) on Solana in the last week. 

In particular, decentralized exchanges (DEX) on Solana have recorded significant increases in trading volume, especially in the period between March 3 and March 6.

The Chinese journalist specialized in cryptocurrencies, Colin Wu, shared intriguing details about the trading activities dynamics of Solana’s DEX.

According to updates published on its Wu Blockchain X page, the volume of DEX trades on Solana has exceeded 2 billion dollars for four consecutive days. 

Furthermore, on March 5th, the trading volume reached the figure of 2.85 billion dollars, setting a new daily record.

The information from CoinGecko indicates that Jupiter, the main DEX on Solana, is leading with a trading volume in the last 24 hours of $1,450,102,962, followed by Orca with a trading volume of $837,495,350.

From February 25th to March 2nd, Solana’s DEXs recorded a significant trading volume of 11.24 billion dollars. This week represents a milestone for Solana’s DEXs, surpassing even the strongest competitor, Ethereum, in trading volume.

Recent reports state that DEX activity on Solana has seen a significant increase of 177% in just one week, with significant contributions from Orca and Raydium which have seen trading volumes increase by over 100% compared to previous weeks.

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