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Peter Brandt: BTC Breakout May Hit Huge Target; AI Crypto Aspires to Surpass Chainlink’s Achievements


Veteran crypto trader Peter Brandt recently shared on ‘X’ a 2022 tweet where he had predicted a massive surge in Bitcoin’s (BTC) price. 

Quite true to his prediction, the Bitcoin price did jump and is fast approaching its all-time high levels. A large part of the Bitcoin price hike could be attributed to the record inflows that investors are pouring into the Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

For the altcoins too, there’s a star token that has impressed the crypto community with its AI-focussed model. The recently launched InQubeta (QUBE) platform allows crypto users to participate in crowdfunding for AI projects. 

Its cryptocurrency ICO has so far raised over $11 million. Impressed by its stellar presale gains, market experts suggest that it can potentially surpass the recent gains made by Chainlink (LINK).

InQubeta: A deflationary crypto project catering to AI solutions

InQubeta’s native cryptocurrency the QUBE token is the official mode of payment on the network. The token facilitates all transactional and governance-related use cases. 

It has a supply of 1.5 billion which is split across different purposes, but 65% of the stock will be used for sale. The rest of the token is used for paying operations, marketing, and legal expenses. 

The InQubeta team charges a small tax for maintaining its rewards and liquidity pools on the sale and purchase of QUBE tokens. 

Considered one of the best altcoins for 2023, the QUBE token has continued its momentum – despite the market upheavals – thanks to its deflationary model. In deflationary models, an asset’s supply is lowered the moment the markets get volatile. 

The lowered supply reduces price fluctuations and keeps the asset value stable. The combined effect boosts the demand for the asset and improves the cryptocurrency’s growth record. 

The platform is being appreciated for how it enables people to support their generational wealth with staking. 

QUBE token holders can lock their holdings in a liquidity pool and earn crypto coins for as long as they are comfortable staking them. Such assets promote liquidity to support the blockchain’s growth and secure the network.

InQubeta provides marketing and fund-raising support for AI startups and allows retail users to invest at the click of a button. As per many experts, QUBE could potentially witness a  huge surge in the long term as it targets the upcoming AI sector. 

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Bitcoin gains push crypto market cap to $2.3 trillion

Considered a secure and easy-to-use platform for online transactions, Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. Its native token BTC is a top crypto to invest in and is generated through mining. The BTC transactions are processed at high speed and confirmed with the proof-of-work protocol. 

Even years after its launch, Bitcoin’s demand remains higher than most new altcoins. The latest reason for its popularity is the launch of Bitcoin ETFs in the US. On January 11, 11 BTC ETFs hit the market and collectively they have taken the crypto sector to new heights. 

These financial products are being hailed as they ensure regulated access to Bitcoin. Buoyed by the success of ETFs, the Bitcoin price even crossed $68,00 recently, but fell back soon after. 

The crypto sector’s market cap has also surged by 3.54% to reach around $2.54 trillion. Market experts and traders like Peter Brandt have high hopes for  Bitcoin and its potential to bolster the market. 

Chainlink co-founder welcomes spot crypto ETFs move

Chainlink is a leading decentralized platform that facilitates the collection of blockchain data from off-chain sources for smart contracts. 

Its native token is LINK and it’s used for settling all payments within the Chainlink ecosystem. The proof-of-stake consensus protocol supports a wide array of dApps with its features. 

The platform hit the headlines after its founder Sergey Navarov welcomed the launch of spot crypto ETFs. He said that the move could ensure that cryptocurrencies are accessible to a larger audience and create more opportunities for other tokens as well. 


InQubeta, Bitcoin, and Chainlink have been garnering global attention with their meteoric rise. These tokens are creating history with their growth rates and are driving financial independence with their unique models. 

Whether it’s the buzz around Bitcoin’s record gains due to high volume investing in BTC ETFs, Chainlink’s achievements or InQubeta’s presale gains, these tokens have won over crypto users with their growth potential. 

Apart from diversifying a portfolio and sustaining it, these coins also sport robust security features that shield users against exploits.

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