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Recap of all the airdrops launched this week: boom of new cryptocurrencies on the market

During the last week several projects have launched their own crypto on the market through an airdrop distribution, rewarding the early adopters of various ecosystems.

Starting from the omni-chain interoperability giant Wormhole, to culminate in a myriad of DeFi protocols built on the chains of Solana, Cosmos, Celestia, the airdrops of recent days have yielded a real treasure to crypto sector farmers.

On the horizon, numerous other tokens are about to be launched on cryptocurrency exchanges, injecting hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of their respective communities.

Here are the best projects to follow.

All crypto airdrops of the week: Wormhole leading the way

In the last week, the enthusiasm of airdrop hunters has skyrocketed after Wormhole, a well-known developer of omnichain bridging solutions, announced the distribution of their “W” coin, with a launch that favored the first users of the blockchain infrastructure.

In total, the rewards to the community amount to 617 million tokens, valued at $1.5 per unit in the premarket, for a total value of $925 million.

The eligible addresses to redeem this first round of airdrop are over 400,000, with token allocations varying based on the blockchain of origin, the number of transactions, and the volume passed through Wormhole.

The crypto in question will be made public for trading on March 19, with an expected listing on major centralized exchanges.

Immediately after the announcement of Wormhole, many other projects took advantage of the general enthusiasm in the crypto market to also announce an airdrop.

Among these stands out the name of the protocol of gaming Saga which on March 7 launched a new digital resource to users of the Avalanche, Celestia, Cosmos and Solana ecosystems, for a total of 200,000 eligible addresses.

In particular, only early stakers of TIA, MATIC, AVAX, and ATOM tokens can claim SAGA tokens, as well as active participants on Polygon and Solana.

Approximately 60 million tokens have been allocated for this airdrop, with a deadline set for March 27th.

On the same day, the dates of the snapshot for an upcoming airdrop focused on the Solana ecosystem were also detected: it is the Kamino Finance lending protocol, which with a snapshot of the blockchain history set for March 31 will determine which entities will be among the lucky winners of the KMN governance token.

This represents only the first part of a long season of rewards to the community managed by the team through a scoring system, which adds GameFi elements to the platform’s nature and encourages high interactive frequency.

It is also worth mentioning the debut of the AIG token from the Aigisos rollup, a well-known project sponsored by Microsoft and OpenAI, which distributed some of its tokens to DYM stakers, and the airdrop of the decentralized oracle Elys Network, designed through Cosmos SDK, which split the launch of ELYS coins among ATOM stakers.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning the latest initiative launched by Aether, an EVM consumer chain built on Cosmos, in which the foundation of the infrastructure commits to rewarding ATOM stakers with a 40% allocation on the airdrop of the new token.

The next airdrops to follow: great opportunities in the DeFi world

In the coming months, many more surprises are expected for users of the DeFi world, who could celebrate one of the most profitable periods in the airdrop field.

Various layer-2 scalability solutions, financial protocols, and blockchain communication infrastructures have already announced incentive programs for their communities and are just waiting for the most opportune moment to launch a cryptocurrency on the market.

If the bullish trend of Bitcoin and the rest of the altcoin landscape were to continue at the same pace as the first two months of the year, we will certainly see a large number of projects taking advantage of the hype moment in which the speculative attitude of investors stands out.

The most attention-grabbing name at the moment for airdrop hunters is undoubtedly that of zkSync, Ethereum’s zk rollup that could finally launch its own asset after years of development and multimillion-dollar investments behind it.

On the same chain, which grew a lot during 2023, the tokens of various financial protocols such as SyncSwap and ZeroLend are also expected.

Another trend is dominated by the narrative of the airdrop of LayerZero, an omnichain messaging platform that has allowed the transfer of billions of dollars in cryptographic assets since its inception.

According to the data provided by Dune Analytics, thanks to LayerZero technology, over 4.2 million users have executed more than 89.2 million transactions across various EVM and non-EVM blockchains.

Even in this case, the powerful investments of the backers make us think that the rewards in case of eligibility will be enormous.

airdrop crypto statistics

Among the other very interesting projects that could release an airdrop by the end of the year, we mention the presence of various layer-2 solutions like Linea, Scroll, Mode, Zora, Fuel, and Blast, which could emerge after the completion of the Dencun upgrade of the Ethereum blockchain.

Honorable mention for Blast which in a very short time has attracted billions of dollars towards itself, through “closed box” financing from retail investors who simply trusted the development team behind the infrastructure.

Today, after just 10 days of mainnet, Blast boasts a TVL of 625 million dollars and is about to complete one of the most anticipated token distributions in recent months.

On the DeFi protocols front, we find a myriad of dApps that are planning an airdrop in the near future, such as Orbiter Finance, Merkle Trade, Ambient, EigenLayer, Etherfi, Swell, Renzo Protocol, Ethena, Starheroes, Avantis and many others.

Great opportunities are therefore arising for airdrop hunters, who this time could get rich much faster than expected, especially if the distributions of ZkSync and LayerZero have a positive outcome and create excitement in the web3 sector.

Alessandro Adami
Alessandro Adami
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