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We’re almost there: crypto airdrops from zkSync and LayerZero are just around the corner!

Most likely, the teams of the zkSync and LayerZero crypto projects will soon release crypto airdrops to all early users in their respective communities.

Binance and CoinMarketCap have spoilered confirmation of the airdrops, hinting that these may be closer than we expect.

How do you go about being eligible and verifying past activity with your address?

In this article we see all the details.

The zkSync and LayerZero airdrops are upon us: how to turn out to be eligible and earn crypto?

zkSync and LayerZero are two crypto projects that are about to release an airdrop to their communities. 

Many believe that the relative rewards that will be dedicated to the early adopters of their respective ecosystems will be enormous, given the large amount of capital and hype that has flowed into these frameworks in recent months.

To give an idea, on zkSync Era, a layer-2 blockchain that relies on Ethereum, there have been 1.6 million transactions for a TVL of $460 million and a number of depositing addresses exceeding 1.3 million.

In contrast, with regard to LayerZero, an omnichain interoperability protocol, more than 40 million transactions were conducted for a bridged total of $16 billion and a number of depositing addresses exceeding 2.6 million units

Further corroborating the thesis of an impending airdrop for these crypto projects are the introductions on CoinMarketCap and Binance of the tickers TBD and ZRO, which presumably will be the names of the tokens for zkSync and LayerZero.

Usually when such entities place token information (not yet listed) on their dashboards, it means that the arrival on the markets is near.

Obviously this in itself is not a guarantee, but it should make us think about where we are now and the feasibility of an airdrop.

Both projects have been live on mainnet since March 2023, and the snapshot that will determine which addresses will be eligible to redeem the prize in cryptocurrencies may be very close.

How do you go about being eligible? On the zkSync front you need to bridge a portion of your funds from Ethereum to zkSync Era using this bridge, and use layer-2 zero knowledge and the various dApps built on top of it to perform various transactions.

The higher the active registered on the network and the higher the volume generated (both as swap and LP supply) the higher the probability of receiving the airdrop and a high allocation of TBD tokens.

On the LayerZero front, it is sufficient to transfer one’s assets between different blockchains using bridges that support the aforementioned technology such as Stargate, Aptos Bridge and Bitcoin Bridge.Β 

Another factor to consider is activity in Stargate protocol governance decisions: by delegating your STG tokens and voting to the proposals posted on this section, you can be selected as a winning address with more plausibility.

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How to check your progress: 3 very useful tools

Given the impressive numbers being recorded in recent months and the high competition among users that comes with it, it will not be easy to receive a good allocation of crypto in LayerZero and zkSync airdrops.

Unfortunately, in the world of airdrop hunting the bigger and more famous a project becomes the more individuals will have to compete for the ultimate prize leading many individuals to be excluded.

In general, the following characteristics are required to be eligible:

  • zkSync: having bridged a minimum of $500-1000 (at least 2-3 times) and having conducted 50+ transactions with a minimum total value of $10,000;
  • LayerZero: have conducted at least 10 bridging transactions between 4+ blockchains and transferred a minimum total counter value of $10,000.

Have you performed on-chain transactions on the zkSync Era chain and LayerZero protocols, but not kept track of your progress? No problem.

You can check, through these 3 on-chain tools, the work you have done in the past with all the numbers you need to understand where we stand.

  1. Minitoolkit: this is a tool, valid only for the zkSync Era network, that can capture a range of information for each selected address, such as the value of bridged assets, total transaction volume, gas spent and number of transactions. With Minitoolkit, one can then count the days, weeks, and months in which the address has been active and at least one transaction has taken place. A ranking is also present, which can be useful in figuring out what allocation range we are on.
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  1. Dune Dashboard: This Dune Analytics dashboard, valid only for LayerZero, can summarize some statistics regarding asset transfers with omnichain interoperability protocols. These include the value of assets transferred, the number of transactions executed, the number of chains with which there have been interactions, the period of time each address has been active, and much more.

By pasting our personal address into the search bar, it is possible to observe our own data, complete with rankings that can compare with the rest of the community.

The only downside, the loading of information is quite slow.

  1. 10kdrop: another very interesting tool that can help us in tracking the transactions carried out on the various chains.

Very similar to Minitoolkit, but much more versatile, this tool allows us to check a whole range of on-chain activities related not only to LayerZero and zkSync airdrops, but also to Starknet, Linea, and Scroll.

10kdrop also features a “sybil checker detector” (for a fee) capable of decreeing with a score whether an address looks more like a sybil or a real user.

Alessandro Adami
Alessandro Adami
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