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Bitcoin news: MicroStrategy’s wallet soars to $13.7 billion

Bitcoin news: MicroStrategy’s wallet has reached 13.7 billion dollars, with unrealized profits of 7.6 billion dollars on its BTC purchases. This represents a total gain of almost 125%, more than double. 

Bitcoin news: MicroStrategy’s wallet realizes almost +125% in gains

Riding the wave of Bitcoin which has just surpassed $70,000, there are the big holders who are reaching their historical maximum earnings. 

MicroStrategy, the Business Intelligence company of bitcoiner Michael Saylor, has achieved a gain of almost 125% of its bitcoin holdings. 

According to the data from saylortracker, at the time of writing MicroStrategy’s bitcoin wallet has exceeded 13.7 billion dollars in BTC, with unrealized profits of 7.6 billion dollars.

Basically, Saylor’s company made several purchases of BTC for a total of 193,000 BTC with a cost of 6.122 billion dollars, while the current market value of its holdings has risen to 13.79 billion dollars.

The accumulation strategy started in 2020 is leading the company to be the main publicly traded company in terms of bitcoin assets based in the United States, with the exception of two bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

Bitcoin surpasses $70,000 and sets a new all-time high

The following data refer to the current price trend of Bitcoin which, at the time of writing, is above $71,600.

Specifically, BTC has recorded a 2.9% pump in the last 24 hours, just now surpassing the $70,000 threshold. The price of $71,600 is now the new ATH – All Time High or historical maximum of Bitcoin. 

Following, even BTC’s market cap seems to be surpassing its records, rising to 1.400 trillion dollars.

In these last 24 hours, in addition to the price, the trading volume of bitcoin has also increased by 82%, reaching 42 billion dollars. 

Returning to MicroStrategy, the founder Saylor’s latest tweet from 14 hours ago, shows how BTC is reaching new all-time price highs in all countries around the world. 

Bitcoin news: MicroStrategy’s accumulation strategy and the gain of its wallet

MicroStrategy is showing with its strategy of accumulating BTC to be a strong supporter of the queen of crypto. 

As mentioned, MicroStrategy started buying BTC in September 2020, with its first ever purchase of 21,454 BTC at a price of $11,652 each. 

In addition to other purchases at more intermediate prices, it is possible to notice that MicroStrategy made the purchase of BTC at its lowest price of $10,419 in September 2020 and at its highest price of $59,339 in April 2023. 

The last recorded BTC purchase by MicroStrategy dates back to the end of February 2024, of a total of 3,000 BTC at a price of $51,813 each. 

Recently, MicroStrategy announced its intention to raise another $600 million on the market to buy more BTC.

The company intends to offer convertible senior notes maturing in 2030, called “notes”, for a total of $600 million. This offer will be private to persons reasonably believed to be qualified institutional buyers. 

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