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Donald Trump: “sometimes I will let people pay with Bitcoin”

The presidential candidate and former President of the USA, Donald Trump, stated that if re-elected, he would allow people to pay with Bitcoin at times. Trump defines BTC as an additional form of currency. 

Donald Trump promises not to prosecute Bitcoin if re-elected

In an interview released on Monday on CNBC, former US President and presidential candidate Donald Trump talked about Bitcoin.

“President Donald Trump claims that #Bitcoin is a widely used ‘additional form of currency’.”

Specifically, Trump has recognized Bitcoin for its use, stating that he does not feel safe wanting to remove it at this point. 

Basically, the Republican candidate states that if re-elected, he would allow, at times, people to pay in BTC, as he defines it as a “additional form of currency”.

Not only that, when the host asked how he sees cryptocurrency, Trump said:

“Well, [bitcoin] has taken on a life of its own. Sometimes I do small things for fun and… make money, but I also enjoy it”

Joe Kernen then asked the former President of the USA if he had bought Bitcoin. Here is Trump’s response:

“No, no, no, but sometimes I let people pay with bitcoin, or I let people get involved in a new [currency]. If you think about it, it’s another form of currency. I used to say… I want only one currency, I want the dollar. I don’t want people to abandon the dollar and I think that way, but I’ll tell you that [bitcoin] has come to life”.

Donald Trump and Bitcoin: the success of his limited edition sneakers

In the interview, Trump then spoke about the success of the sales of his limited edition sneakers, also paid for in crypto.

“We sold a thousand sneakers … and you can go through … our new crazy currencies, because that’s what I call them. They’re crazy, whether it’s bitcoin or others. […] So many people were buying these things… The last pair was sold for $450,000, people were going crazy for these sneakers… Every friend of mine was calling me for a pair of sneakers. So the thing took off. […] And I noticed that many of them were paid for with the new currency, a new cryptocurrency, and I couldn’t believe the amount”

Recently, the surge of Trump’s crypto-wallet reaching $7.5 million has been reported. First and foremost, the rise has been fueled by the increase in MAGA $TRUMP and the appreciation of Ethereum (ETH).

In addition to his holdings in TRUMP, Donald Trump’s crypto-wallet includes other significant assets such as 950,000 BABYTRUMP tokens, valued at $93,000. Not only that, but also another memecoin called TRUMP but different from the maga version, which is valued at $18,000. 

Furthermore, the wealth of the former President in crypto is further strengthened by his holdings in Ethereum, acquired through the sale of NFTs.

The crypto bet on Trump

While Trump ends the interview declaring himself still a traditionalist and attached to the idea of the dollar as the only currency, since the beginning of February 2024, there are those who have bet on his re-election.

This is Mechanism Capital who shared its strategy of accumulating crypto meme and Donald Trump-themed NFTs, in view of the upcoming American elections. 

Andrew Kang, founder of the crypto investment company and DeFi, has published his basic theory, stating that he has accumulated the first new positions of 2024. Here too, among the various assets, the TRUMP meme coins developed by Maga could not be missing.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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