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Started the pre-sale phase of GoldBrick by State1


The presale phase of State1’s GoldBrick token has been launched.

State1 is an ambitious metaverse project, and GoldBrick is its token. 

GoldBrick will indeed be the fundamental token of the State1 platform, and marks a significant milestone in the realization of State1’s vision of a dynamic virtual economy. 

The presale

GoldBrick is already available for pre-sale at a price of $0.90, while the official token launch price has been set at $1.00.

The presale of GoldBrick introduces an innovative tokenomic model, characterized by a maximum supply of 15 million tokens, and the guarantee of stability, security, and growth potential. 

Furthermore, participants in the presale phase will play a fundamental role in the State1 project, guiding the expansion of the metaverse and shaping its destiny.

GoldBrick is a token on the BSC network designed to become the reference currency of the State1 metaverse, and will act as a utility token being usable in the entire metaverse ecosystem, for example to purchase land and services, both in online and offline stores. 

The goal is to create a token that stands out from the existing ones, making it a means of exchange for the entire State1 ecosystem without any fees for incoming or outgoing transactions, not only in the metaverse but also for online purchases and in physical stores.

The first seed phase, which was already sold out, ended in November, while the first pre-sale phase ended in February. The current one is the last phase, and will end in mid-April. 

Starting from the end of April, the public sales phase will be launched. 


State1 is the metaverse of business, and aims to offer an unprecedented experience. 

Indeed, unlike many other metaverses, it is focused on business, and will be a great place for the exchange of goods and services, dominated by commerce.

The State1 ecosystem already boasts over 200 active companies that leverage its functionalities, including the innovative e-commerce 2.0 feature. It has a user base exceeding 5,000 people since 2022, and has witnessed a steady influx of new users interacting with its ecosystem.

Since September 2023 State1 has moved to Web3, with the world’s first virtual cadastre and the launch of the GoldBrick token.

Once the token is publicly launched, every transaction within the State1 metaverse for the purchase of real or virtual items will be converted into GoldBrick, thus generating significant transaction volumes. State1 will also launch debit cards to allow the use of GoldBrick offline.

The metaverse

The State1 Metaverse project was launched in 2021, and has quickly evolved into a dynamic virtual world with 225 million square meters divided into over 43,500 buildable lots distributed in 25 distinct areas of interest. Both investors and enthusiasts can acquire assets within this metaverse, such as land, buildings, or avatars. 

Inside it, the GoldBrick token will become the official currency of the State1 Metaverse, facilitating exchange between major platforms. The public launch is scheduled for July 2024.

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