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Italian investors seize the last opportunity to purchase a historic ICO before listing


From its birth as the original cryptocurrency to the recent approval of the ETF by the SEC, Bitcoin continues to create a trail of disruptions and revolutions, continuing to define the standard to follow for the cryptocurrency market.

Now, Bitcoin Dogs is livening up the party, entering history as the very first ICO ever minted on the Bitcoin blockchain. It’s not just a pioneer breaking new ground, but it seems that this cute little treat could ride and/or trigger a rebirth of NFTs along with significant initiatives in the social blockchain gaming sector. But how?

The presale of Bitcoin Dogs is literally screaming to investors “come and get me” and this, in the last two days, is triggering FOMO far and wide even among Italian investors.

With $9.7m already raised, the window to participate in this historic ICO is quickly closing before the presale ends on March 15th and it is immediately listed on exchanges.

What is Bitcoin Dogs?

This is an extraordinary Web3 assortment of cryptocurrencies, a GameFi experience, and an exclusive NFT collection built on the godfather of all blockchains, Bitcoin.

The 0DOG token, the native token of the Bitcoin Dogs ecosystem, provides fuel and lifeblood, allowing users to access rewards and participate in governance decisions.

The social play-to-earn gaming experience of Bitcoin Dogs is an irresistible blend of nostalgia, nodding to the Tamagotchi craze of the 90s, and combining it with the competitive elements offered by Axie Infinity to provide an interactive and potentially profitable gaming experience. Players raise, train, evolve, and compete with their digital dogs against other players to earn that sweet, sweet 0DOG token.

And if this is not enough, Bitcoin Dogs is creating a unique and exclusive collection of NFT dogs, with 10,000 furry friends. Created through the innovative Bitcoin Ordinals protocol and with experts predicting a resurgence of NFTs in 2024, this collection has the right combination of new technology and ideal market timing to be the NFT that everyone would want to have bought.

Why is Bitcoin Dogs attracting Italian investors?

Bitcoin Dogs is making the hearts of Italian investors beat fast, where the potential of Bitcoin Ordinals has already amazed. After 2023 launched the new NFT platform, it has grown from a proof-of-concept project to a DeFi ecosystem with over 2.25 billion dollars in total value locked (TVL), thanks to the support of Bitcoin – which has recently surpassed 60k dollars. Meanwhile, the BRC-20 coin ecosystem is growing similarly and has a market cap of over 3 billion dollars.

The attraction and potential of Bitcoin Dogs were evident at the time of the ICO launch. With a liquidity of 1 million dollars just 24 hours after launch, the coin seems seriously undervalued at its current price of $0.0404, as it could provide the fuel that will ignite the NFT fire of 2024.

With sales declining in 2023 compared to the $23.7 billion in 2022, according to Cryptoslam, the global NFT market seems to be resurging. With major brands like Starbucks, Adidas, and Nike maintaining confidence in NFTs, CoinDesk and Forbes are among the industry publications predicting a revival of NFTs, and Bitcoin Dogs has all the ingredients to become the next BAYC.

Is Bitcoin Dogs a good investment for 2024?

As many may know, the cryptocurrency market heats up a lot in front of a novelty, and Bitcoin Dogs is charting new territory as the leader of the pack, exploring its new world of Bitcoin blockchain-based token presale. This prestige alone will likely drive demand for 0DOG tokens in the future, not to mention the rest of this hot presale. The $9.7m raised in just 4 weeks says it all.

With 900 million 0DOG tokens minted to reflect the approximate number of dogs in the real world, the presale has already sent waves of FOMO throughout the Italian investor community. Presale investors do not have to worry about exchanges being flooded with excess tokens once the presale is over; the excess coins will in fact be subject to burning to maintain scarcity and price pressure.

More than 110k followers on Twitter and almost 20k members of its community on Telegram cannot be wrong. The same goes for the array of influencers who sing the praises of Bitcoin Dogs, especially @MrX_Crypto and @BscGemsX1000.

Last chance, don’t let FOMO win

The hourglass of the presale is almost coming to an end, with the deadline set for March 15th and the listing on exchanges shortly after. This means that investors who have not yet acquired 0DOG tokens are at risk of missing this opportunity.

If you missed the initial wave of Bitcoin fever or the CryptoPunks revolution before the 2021 market, don’t miss out on a great opportunity for the third time. Buying 0DOG couldn’t be easier, so join the Bitcoin Dogs pack today, enjoy this new hybrid cryptocurrency project with transformative potential, and have fun as you become part of history.

Click to visit the Bitcoin Dogs website and purchase 0DOG.

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