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Last alert: $11m raised with the first BRC-20 ICO closing in a few hours


In the current cryptocurrency market, timing is everything. Just think that there was a time when Dogecoin, Ethereum and, above all, Bitcoin were worth very little. But look at them now: multi-billion dollar titans with institutional investors.

Readers have probably heard of these projects before they exploded, regretting not being able to participate in time. Now, however, there is the possibility to recover lost space with Bitcoin Dogs.

Bitcoin Dogs is the first presale ever conducted on the Bitcoin blockchain and could kick off a long series of ICOs on the OG cryptocurrency network. In the 30 days of presale, it has raised $11m, but beware: the ICO will close in just a few hours.

With a real parabolic potential, both for its 0DOG token and for the early collection of NFTs, FOMO has taken over. Find out why you can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

What is Bitcoin Dogs?

While Bitcoin reaches its new all-time high, Bitcoin Dogs rides the bullish wave, attracting tens of thousands of investors from its mid-February presale.

Why all the fuss? Well, despite being born yesterday, BRC-20 tokens registered on the Bitcoin blockchain are rapidly expanding. According to CoinGecko, the market value of these tokens is around 3.5 billion dollars at the time of writing.

But beyond its historical status, investors are lining up for the launch of Bitcoin Dogs NFT in the second quarter of 2024, with a maximum cap of 10,000 pieces. To get hold of these NFTs, you need the 0DOG token, the golden ticket to the digital domain of dogs. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, an engaging blockchain-based game on the horizon exudes strong Tamagotchi vibes for the crypto generation.

As the presale deadline approaches, this is the last call for those who want to invest in Bitcoin Dogs. Once it is on exchanges and has started its collection of NFTs, we could witness a FOMO frenzy similar to that of a project with a very similar Bitcoin background: Bitcoin Cats and its crazy rally after launch. Don’t waste time: Bitcoin Dogs could be the hidden gem you are looking for.

How does it work?

Bitcoin Dogs could be the world’s first presale organized on the Bitcoin network, but it is also a pioneer in the world of BRC-20 gaming. Imagine an environment similar to Axie Infinity, where you can relax with other Bitcoin enthusiasts, dog lovers, and cryptocurrency fanatics, all while immersing yourself in the glory of Web3 culture.

Here players level up their virtual dogs, launch them into fierce PvP battles to win great prizes, and cultivate sweet 0DOG tokens. If you enjoy showing off by sharing your puppy’s latest achievements on social media, you can earn fantastic rewards.

Shifting our focus to NFTs, Bitcoin Dogs is also joining the rapid growth of the Bitcoin Ordinals mania. With sales volumes recently surpassing “typical” NFT chains like Solana (CryptoSlam), it is clear that these digital collectibles are the new gold rush of the scene.

With different levels of rarity and unique attributes, these NFTs are creating the conditions for a huge FOMO. Let’s take for example the 500 Sausage Dogs. Or the eight OG Dog, destined to be the rarest and most sought after in the collection.

Given the breath of fresh air brought by BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin Ordinals, new projects in these categories could see the same explosion that ERC-20 tokens and Ethereum NFTs had in 2021. In this bullish race, it’s Bitcoin’s time, and Bitcoin Dogs is leading the pack.

The presale of Bitcoin Dogs: what you need to know

Currently priced at $0.0404, this puppy has over 120,000 followers on Twitter and more than 20,000 members on Telegram, all excited to launch 0DOG into the stratosphere as it prepares for its debut on exchanges.

With 90% of its 900 million tokens – a number equal to the canine population of the planet – up for grabs, the remaining tokens are disappearing faster than treats in a dog park. And get this: there is the possibility to see Snoop Dogg live in Las Vegas and win 25,000 dollars in 0DOG for a lucky presale investor!

Everything is ready for Bitcoin Dog to conquer 2024: we are talking about Bitcoin, BRC-20, and Bitcoin Ordinals and, given the success of similar projects, we are facing a potential gold mine. 

Investors are looking to achieve a double gain, not only through the early acquisition of 0DOG, but also through the upcoming NFTs. With a potential parabolic move on the horizon, early birds in the presale could find themselves ahead of the big fish.

FOMO is real: Bitcoin Dogs presale ends in a few hours

Bitcoin Dogs is about to close its presale chapter with a bang. With the presale curtain set to close by the end of the day, the remaining tokens are the last chance for those who want to grab a piece of this historic movement. 

The combination of bullish factors and an epic presale response represents a recipe for regret for those who have stayed on the sidelines. Seize this opportunity, delve into the whitepaper, take a look at the video on how to buy to avoid being among those who will regret when 0DOG takes off upon entering the exchanges.

Click to visit the Bitcoin Dogs website and purchase 0DOG.

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