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ARK Invest Foresees BTC Above $1 Million & AI Altcoin Emerges as a Long-Term Investment Pick


ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood recently hit the headlines after she claimed that the Bitcoin price could potentially reach $1 million by 2030. Her statement comes at a time when the cryptocurrency is experiencing a bull rally due to the rollout of spot ETFs in the US. 

Incidentally, ARK Invest was among the 11 companies that launched Bitcoin ETFs in the US this year. 

The other token that has been rivaling analysts’ praises for Bitcoin is InQubeta (QUBE). The crypto project helps AI startups raise funds easily. It also helps startups find marketing support and mentors to grow their business. 

InQubeta: DeFi backing AI innovation

InQubeta is a platform connecting startups and crypto users to raise funds for AI projects. For crypto users, InQubeta is among the best altcoins to buy now as it’s easy to use and is fully secure.  

The model facilitates crowdfunding through NFT sales where the NFTs represent pitch decks. The platform includes all information about the project including the amount of equity that an investor will be eligible for. 

These NFTs are bought with InQubeta’s official cryptocurrency, the QUBE token. After the transaction is processed, the funds will be transferred to the startups. 

After fundraising, startups can get together with InQubeta to plan the next phase of growth. With an ICO funding of over $11.9 million, InQubeta is currently topping the list of recommended presales this year. 

The platform has an extensive network of professionals who can guide innovators along their journey. The expert team includes AI veterans who can offer key insights to startups and assist them in planning a sustainable business idea. 

These professionals can also come in handy with marketing support. Whether it’s strategic support, finding a product-market fit or spreading awareness about a brand, these professionals can support a startup’s journey through their networks. 

For any finance or law-related queries, enterprises can get in touch with InQubeta’s accounting support. 

The QUBE token is a good crypto to buy as it can keep users’ portfolios safe from market forces and sustain long-term growth. 

The coin has a deflationary model which means that whenever the markets are trading in red, the token will become scarcer in availability. The gap in supply will allow the asset to trade at optimal prices and draw more buyers. The deflationary model gives the QUBE token a competitive edge and makes it a cryptocurrency for all seasons. 

As InQubeta’s native token, the coin plays a key role in its governance. Token holders shoulder the responsibility of screening and reviewing proposals for protocol upgrades. After a review, these proposals are put to a vote where only coin holders can participate. Depending on how they feel about a suggested change, the community can vote to decide if it is worth the effort. 

The QUBE token has been designed to encourage the platform’s growth in more ways than one. The token can be staked for promoting ecosystem development and securing the network. 

The staked tokens are locked in the platform for as long as the owners agree to and the latter are given rewards throughout the period. 


Bitcoin market cap is now higher than silver

Considered as one of the best crypto investments available today,  Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Over the years, it has garnered a global user base by powering secure and decentralized online transactions. The platform uses the proof of work consensus protocol to validate all transactions made with its native token BTC. 

The past few months have been quite exciting for Bitcoin as it surged following the debut of 11 spot BTC exchange-traded funds in the US. The ETFs have taken the world by storm and are ushering in a new era for the crypto sector. Ark Invest is particularly bullish on the pioneering cryptocurrency and foresees a target of $1 million in the future. 

Though the launch was delayed by months due to pending approvals of the ETF acceptance criteria, Bitcoin has continued surging to new highs and today has a market cap higher than that of silver. 


Bitcoin and InQubeta are among the quarter’s top crypto coins that have posted incredible growth over the past few months. Their achievements give them the ammunition to aim for sky-high returns. 

In the case of Bitcoin, the ETF mania is expected to continue unleashing new gains for the token. In InQubeta’s case, experts see its presale growth as just the tip of the iceberg and expect higher returns in the coming months. 

For analysts, these two tokens will be able to sustain their gains in the coming months and they are ideal for investors eyeing long-term holdings. 

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