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Google now displays Ethereum Name Service wallet balances in search results: a breakthrough for crypto users

In a significant development for the cryptocurrency community, Google has expanded support for Ethereum wallet balances, now including those associated with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains. 

This move further simplifies access to blockchain data and demonstrates the increasing integration of cryptocurrencies into traditional platforms.

The integration of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) into Google searches

Since May 2023, Google has progressively improved its support for information related to cryptocurrencies. Initially, users could search for specific public addresses and view the balances of their wallets directly in the search results. 

Now this feature has been extended to Ethereum Name Service domains, marking a significant progress in convenience and accessibility for users in the cryptocurrency space.

ENS domains offer readable addresses, such as example.eth, that can be linked to Ethereum wallets. This integration simplifies the process of sending and receiving funds for cryptocurrency holders, eliminating the need to store or copy long hexadecimal addresses. 

With Google displaying the balances of the wallets associated with these domains, users can effortlessly check their Ethereum availability directly from the search results.

The data shown by Google comes from Etherscan, a popular Ethereum blockchain explorer. Users can not only view the wallet balance, but also access the associated address, providing a complete overview of their Ethereum holdings. The displayed balance reflects the status of the last external transaction, giving users access to up-to-date information on their assets.

Despite this innovative feature, reports indicate that its availability may vary among users. Some have encountered inconsistencies, as the feature does not consistently appear in search results. However, former ENS team member Brantly Millegan has observed that the functionality tends to work more reliably when using private browsing mode or when logging out of Google services. These nuances suggest that Google may still be fine-tuning the feature for greater accessibility and reliability.

Google’s new features make it easier to manage your wallets

The introduction of Ethereum Name Service wallet sales in Google search results has significant implications for both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers. 

For experienced users, this feature provides a convenient method to quickly check their Ethereum availability without having to navigate external platforms or blockchain explorers. 

Furthermore, it improves the visibility and usability of ENS domains, further promoting their adoption in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Furthermore, this development has the potential to attract new users to cryptocurrencies by simplifying the user experience and reducing entry barriers. By integrating wallet balance information directly into search results, Google reduces the learning curve associated with managing cryptocurrency assets, making the space more accessible to a wider audience. 

As traditional platforms continue to embrace cryptocurrencies, the path towards mass adoption becomes increasingly smooth and inclusive.

However, integrating cryptocurrency-related functions into traditional platforms also raises issues related to privacy and data security. Since users rely on Google to access sensitive financial information, it is essential to ensure strong privacy protection measures and data encryption. 

Furthermore, constant monitoring and maintenance are required to address any potential vulnerabilities or discrepancies in the implementation of these features.


In conclusion, Google’s decision to display Ethereum Name Service wallet balances in search results represents a significant step forward for the cryptocurrency industry. By providing users with convenient access to their Ethereum holdings directly from the search engine, Google improves the usability and accessibility of blockchain technology. 

Although issues of consistency and reliability may persist, the overall impact of this integration is set to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies and promote innovation in the sector. With the continuous evolution of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, collaborations between traditional platforms and blockchain networks will play a crucial role in shaping the future of finance.