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Pepe: crypto news and price predictions of memecoin

Pepe, the popular frog-themed memecoin, has recorded a +600% pump in the last month: what are the crypto news and price predictions for PEPE?

Pepe: the price of the crypto is up +600% in the last month

At the time of writing, Pepe (PEPE) is worth $0.000008135, up +610% from a month ago, when it was worth $0.000001155.

During this month, PEPE has ridden the wave of the general bull market, which has also swept all memecoins, recording excellent price performance.

And indeed, the first memecoin by market capitalization Dogecoin (DOGE) has seen a pump of +90% in the last month, while Shiba Inu (SHIB) of +192%. 

In the category of memecoins, PEPE is in third place with a total market cap of 3.42 billion dollars, which also ranks it 41st in the overall crypto ranking. 

Restricting the field to one week, however, PEPE is in red, like many cryptos, with a price dump of -12.5%. 

But what are the latest crypto news and price predictions for the frog-themed memecoin? 

Pepe and the latest crypto news on frog-themed memecoins

In terms of project, Pepe doesn’t have any big news to tell, although he continues with his work on memecoins, which is to entertain and engage the crypto community.

And indeed, just yesterday, Pepe wanted to share the idea that it was World Frog Day. 

Not only that, to accompany her in her moment of happiness, the crypto-exchange Crypto.com also took care of it: 

Just to involve more and more the community supporting Pepe’s frog, a PEPE giveaway has been organized for new US users who sign up for the first time on Crypto.com. The giveaway is valid only until April 10th. 

“To kick off World Frog Day, Pepe is organizing a giveaway with @cryptocom. For those in the United States who want to use a tax code and avoid taxes, the app http://crypto.com is the easiest and cheapest place to buy $PEPE. Hello, US users! We are giving away $500,000 worth of PEPE to new sign-ups. Until April 10th. T&C apply.”

Pepe and the forecasts of its price by the end of March 2024 and beyond

Changelly, a renowned crypto-exchange, has provided a significant forecast on the future price performance of PEPE.

According to their analysis, the meme coin is ready for a substantial surge, especially towards the end of March. 

In the table, Changelly sees a possible increase between +24 and +33% by the end of the month. The highest price forecast for PEPE is expected on March 27th, when the price of PEPE will reach 0.0000111$ and therefore a pump of +33%. 

Looking instead at the annual table, PEPE price forecasts for the end of 2024 indicate a minimum and average price of $0.0000099 and a maximum price of $0.0000119

For 2025, instead, PEPE could reach the minimum price of 0.0000139$, the average price of 0.0000149$ and the maximum price of 0.0000169$. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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