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Linea Park airdrop: last week to participate in the incentive campaign and earn crypto

Linea, a well-known layer-2 solution for Ethereum, plans to launch its own native crypto in 2024 through an airdrop distribution that would reward all active users of its ecosystem.

One of the latest initiatives sponsored by the project is “Linea Park”: it is a GameFi incentive campaign where participants can solve tasks and challenges in exchange for LXP points that will then be converted into airdrops in the future.

What are you waiting for? There is only one week left until the end of Linea Park.

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Line: everything you need to know about this layer-2

Linea is a zk-rollup layer-2 dedicated to solving scalability issues of the Ethereum blockchain, which is among the most popular in the cryptographic sector.

Launched on mainnet in July of last year, Linea has already created a very flourishing ecosystem of applications and could soon also include a native token that will likely be distributed through an airdrop program.

Similar to what happened with Starknet, the launch of the new crypto will reward all those slices of the community that have shown activity in supporting the chain in the initial development phase.

In particular, it is expected that all those who have used Linea consistently will be rewarded, bridging assets from the main Ethereum network to L2 and interacting with various smart contracts.

Roughly we can predict that the users who meet these criteria will receive the airdrop:

  • bridge at least once
  • at least 5 transactions in 3 or more months
  • at least 100 dollars in volumes
  • balance in the wallet of at least 0.05 ETH.

Furthermore, it is possible that a portion of the airdrop will be allocated to those who participated in the various incentive campaigns on Galxe and Layer3. Of these, the most important of all is “Linea Park“.

The distribution of tokens could have a strong economic impact on the community, especially considering that Linea is a product developed by the famous software development company Consensys, and that several million dollars have been raised from VC investors for the project, including Animoca Brands and Coinbase Ventures.

With a TVL doubled since the beginning of the year, amounting to 400 million dollars, Linea’s airdrop is shaping up to be one of the richest of 2024.

We still do not know the timelines of the token generation event (TGE) and distribution to the community but it is likely that these will be revealed in the second half of the current year.

Don’t get caught unprepared and interact as much as possible with the Linea blockchain. To check your progress on-chain, use a wallet checker like this.

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Linea Park: last week to participate in the airdrop campaign

As excitement grows for the Linea airdrop, the “Linea Park” campaign is about to come to an end with the final date to try the experience set for April 2nd.

Linea Park represents a cornerstone event in the world of web3, which started on February 20, bringing together a wide range of dapps and emerging projects to offer the end user an unprecedented adventure where they can earn XLP points simply by solving quests.

The official partner of Linea Park is the provider layer3, who has lent their platform GameFi for the entire duration of the campaign.

These points will then be transformed into the Linea token which will be airdropped to the Ethereum zk-rollup community during the token generation event (TGE).

There is only one week left to interact with this incentive program conducted by Linea itself, so it’s better to hurry to maximize your rewards.

Altogether Linea Park includes 10 thematic areas, where each one contains overwhelming missions and XLP points up for grabs.

Joining the initiative we find a wide range of role-playing games and MMOs, action and strategy, social, minigames, NFT and much more.

All these projects are obviously set within the Linea blockchain and constitute part of the lifeblood of the cryptographic ecosystem.

Completing quests involves participating in each of these games, resolving strategic objectives, completing quizzes, performing social tasks, and sometimes even minting commemorative NFTs.

Furthermore, the program is affiliated with the ” Proof of Humanity ” section of Linea where users can verify their original identity in the web3 world, through a check with independent providers such as Gitcoin, Trusta, Nomix, 0xScore, Openid3, Pado and many others.

Completing missions on Linea Park and verifying decentralized identity POH involve commission costs that range around 100 dollars.

However, it is estimated that the XLP points obtained from these activities will be worth much more when converted into LINE tokens during the airdrop phase.

Pay attention not to miss this opportunity: to participate in Linea Park you can click here.

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