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Binance Academy and BNB Chain launch an online course dedicated to future crypto developers

Binance Academy, the educational branch of the world’s largest crypto exchange, is launching an online course in collaboration with the BNB Chain community dedicated to training the next developers in the web3 industry.

The initiative aims to spread the basic knowledge necessary to embark on a developer path in the blockchain field, where the sector increasingly requires the entry of new talents.

Meanwhile, the BSC and opBNB encrypted networks continue to grow in terms of TVL and on-chain metrics.

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Binance Academy and BNB Chain organize a training course for crypto developers

The educational platform Binance Academy and the BNB Chain community have just announced the launch of an online course called “BNB Chain Developer Specialization“, aimed at all those who want to start a learning path as crypto developers.

The goal of the course is to provide participants with all the knowledge and skills necessary to become developers in the blockchain world.

No particular starting skills are required either on the computer side or on the coding side, and registration is completely free as long as you are willing to try your hand at a completely new field and challenge yourself.

The course program that will shape the minds of the next crypto developers of web3 is composed of 20 mini courses all in English, each of which includes from two to six educational videos.

Topics of each lesson cover all the main concepts of the blockchain industry: BNB Chain, smart contracts, Solidity, Web3, decentralized applications (DApps), oracles, DeFi, BEP-20 tokens, Greenfield architecture, and more.

Binance Academy, which sponsors the event together with the BNB Chain community, will also provide other educational materials such as in-depth readings, group projects, workshops, etc.

At the end of the specialization course, participants will receive a digital certificate attesting to the work done and the possession of knowledge related to the world of decentralized finance, as well as the skills necessary to take on the role of a developer.

Obviously, the course alone is not enough to become successful developers, but it is rather seen as an introductory phase that simplifies the study of codes and expands the knowledge base of each individual.

The co-founder of Binance, Yi He, excited about the opportunity that Binance Academy is offering to its entire community, stated in a press conference that:

“Blockchain and Web3 are setting a precedent in innovations worldwide. Education is crucial for development and adoption, offering new opportunities for individuals as these technologies shape our future and the global economy. We prioritize the accessibility of education, which is integral to our user-oriented principles and our mission to increase financial accessibility and sustainable innovation as industry leaders supporting the growth of the broader ecosystem.”

The organization of the course for developers reflects Binance’s commitment to working on the future of the blockchain industry, focusing on new talents and recruiting new generations capable of innovating in the BNB Chain field.

The wish is that this initiative can prove to be fruitful for the members, ensuring a gateway to new cryptographic job opportunities.

All this adds to the various educational events managed by Binance Academy and the different educational campaigns freely accessible on the web, creating a complete system that encourages the study and development of a new digital economy.

TVL analysis and on-chain data for BSC and opBNB networks

The launch of the course for crypto developers testifies to the growing success of cryptographic networks revolving around the BNB chain ecosystem, namely the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the layer-2 chain opBNB.

It is worth noting in particular how the BSC has added about 3 billion dollars to its TVL since October 2023, doubling its locked funds and recovering part of the drawdown from 2022.

With 5.83 billion dollars, this network is the third largest according to the ranking by DeFilLama, behind only Tron and Ethereum.

The most important dapps from the top-tier blockchain, Pancakeswap and Venus, hold over 50% of the TVL market share.

It is also worth noting how over the years the BSC has attracted a thriving activity in the field of independent developers, with a particularly high number of commits on Github, especially from the second half of 2022 onwards.

According to the latest data published by BNB chain, this network has reached an average of 1.37 million active users in the last week (16-22 March) and processed about 30.8 million transactions.

binance bnb crypto sviluppatori

The layer-2 opBNB based on Optimism stack has also stood out for its excellent numbers recorded in the on-chain field, increasing its TVL by 500% from December 2023 to today.

While remaining a niche chain with few locked capital, currently amounting to 18 million dollars, opBNB is growing significantly and attracting more and more interest from participants in the cryptographic industry.

The most famous dapps in L2 are the derivatives platforms KiloEX and APX Finance, and the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap, aggregating most of the chain’s capital on their own.

During the last week, the data indicates an average of daily users equal to 3.24 million units (more than double the average of the BSC) and 31 million transactions.

It is worth noting how the reduction in layer-2 commission costs, introduced by the ‘Dencun update of the Ethereum blockchain, has brought opBNB fees down to just 0.0025 dollars per transaction.

These milestones reflect Binance’s triumph as the dominant ecosystem in the crypto space, which improves day by day and periodically adds new fundamental pieces to its infrastructure.

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