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21Shares launches staking ETP on TON

21Shares’ announcement to launch a TON-based staking ETP on the SIX Swiss Exchange has generated significant excitement within the crypto community and traditional investors. 

This move represents a significant step for the TON project, bringing it closer to the traditional market in a similar way to Bitcoin, while at the same time offering investors a new way to gain exposure to this emerging blockchain without the need to directly own the tokens.

21Shares launches staking ETP on TON

But what exactly does this new feature mean? To fully understand it, it is essential to understand what an ETP is. An Exchange Traded Product is essentially a financial security listed and traded on the traditional market, which aims to replicate the performance of a specific asset or group of assets. 

In the context of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, an ETP linked to TON offers investors the opportunity to invest in this blockchain without having to directly manage TON tokens.

This is a significant advantage for institutional and traditional investors who may be reluctant to dive directly into the world of cryptocurrencies due to the complexity and operational challenges associated.

Through the ETP staking of TON offered by 21Shares, these investors can gain exposure to the TON blockchain and benefit from its growth potential without having to deal with the challenges related to custody and direct token management.

Furthermore, the interest shown by 21Shares in TON underlines the growing acceptance and interest of financial institutions towards emerging blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

The fact that a major company like 21Shares is investing in TON through an ETP represents a significant vote of confidence in the vision and potential of this blockchain.

The challenges and uncertainties in the new vision of 21 shares

Despite the uncertainties and challenges that may accompany the adoption of new technologies and financial assets, the announcement by 21Shares marks an important step towards the integration of TON into the traditional financial landscape. 

This could lead to an increase in visibility and liquidity for TON, opening up new investment opportunities for a wide range of investors.

It is important to note that while the ETP of TON offered by 21Shares provides a new option for investors, it is essential to conduct diligent research and carefully evaluate the associated risks before investing. 

Cryptocurrencies and emerging blockchains may be subject to volatility and unique risks, and investors should be aware of such factors before making investment decisions.


In conclusion, the launch of the TON ETP staking by 21Shares marks a significant moment in the evolution of the cryptocurrency sector and in the convergence with the traditional market. 

This initiative offers investors a new and accessible way to gain exposure to TON, while highlighting the growing interest of financial institutions in emerging blockchains. 

The integration of TON within ETPs represents an important step towards greater adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the global financial landscape. 

However, it is essential that investors carefully examine the associated risks and conduct diligent research before making investment decisions. 

With further innovations and developments in the cryptocurrency sector, we expect to see new opportunities and challenges emerge, paving the way for greater integration and growth in both the traditional financial market and the world of cryptocurrencies.