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Performance da paura per Realio Network (RIO): la crypto del settore RWA segna un +250% in 9 giorni

In recent days, the market’s attention has been drawn to the graphic performance of the Realio Network (RIO) crypto and the increasingly growing trend of the Real World Asset (RWA) sector.

RIO marks today its sixth consecutive green candle, standing at +250 since March 20th.

How far will this promising currency go?

Let’s see all the details below.

What is the RWA Realio Network project?

Realio Network is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that offers an integrated solution for issuance, investment, and management of the lifecycle of tokenized real-world assets, such as private equity, real estate, bonds, as well as for native digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.

The RWA project presents its own blockchain, built with Cosmos SDK, which serves as a layer for transactions within the Realio ecosystem.

At the center of the decentralized network is the RIO crypto, gas token that allows the user to facilitate a wide range of operations such as paying for requests for tokenization and participating in platform management.

Owners of RIO can take part in the governance of the project by voting on ecosystem upgrade proposals.

Distributed consensus is achieved with a native dual-token POS mechanism that uses RIO and another resource called RST.

There is also an L2 that reduces gas fees for more advanced DeFi services and for issuing digital tokens.

Among the various functions available in the app realio.fund, we also find the possibility to carry out decentralized swaps, cross-chain exchanges, delegation in governance processes, investments in various types of assets.

Realio Network rio crypto

The goal of Realio is to offer advanced blockchain technology, capable of leveraging institutional quality investment opportunities in the world of real assets, while at the same time combining the advantages of decentralized finance and P2P exchanges.

The company managing the project was founded in 2018 in New York by Derek S. Boiron and Aaron Gooch, but currently all Limited companies are based in the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Despite this, it appears to be openly compliant with the standards established by the US SEC, and requires its users to undergo verification KYC during the registration phase.

Given the dominant trend of RWA in the crypto space, we will probably hear a lot more about this innovative project for a long time.

Think that even companies like BlackRock and Morgan Stanley are starting to invest in this sector.


Realio Network

Analysis of the prices of the crypto RIO: how far can it go?

The crypto RIO is attracting the attention of retail investors after the performances recorded in the market, where the currency RWA has exceeded the $3 threshold printing a +250% in the last 9 days of trading.

With the latest upward movement, RIO managed to surpass the peak of 2.78 dollars in May 2021, which marked the end of the bull market and the beginning of a long bearish phase that led the same coin to touch the bottom at 0.02 dollars in December 2022.

From that moment to today RIO is gaining an incredible amount of 13400%, surpassing any other result in the cryptocurrency market.

prezzo rio crypto

With a low emissions tokenomics of new tokens that stimulates speculation and a market capitalization still relatively low at 21 million dollars, RIO still has many growth opportunities ahead, but at the same time many challenges.

First of all, the RWA sector token needs to be listed on other major exchanges outside of OKX, which is the dominant market, HTX, MEXC and BINGX.

A listing on Binance, Bybit or Coinbase could definitely give an additional bullish push to the coin, which now has to face its price discovery phase.

Be careful not to be caught up in FOMO because the coin is now recording one of its highest RSI levels ever on the weekly chart, and it comes after two vertical green candles, which could pave the way for a slow distribution phase.

In the medium/long term, RIO can definitely be one of the most interesting horses, especially considering the growth prospects of the Real World Asset sector, and we could hypothesize at least reaching a market cap of 100 million dollars, which would translate into a coin price of 15 dollars.

However, the immaturity and youth of tokenization platforms, combined with the speculative nature of the crypto market, could highlight better in the future more established projects in this field such as Avalanche, Ondo and Chainlink, disadvantaging emerging platforms like Realio.

Alessandro Adami
Alessandro Adami
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