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$ICP, $SNX and $GFOX Show Major Gains as Market Heats Up


The cryptocurrency market rebounded after its recent dip, which caused cryptos to post double-digit losses. The bullish trend is back, and the best altcoins at the moment are Internet Computer ($ICP), Synthetix ($SNX), and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX).

$SNX and $ICP have risen by 30% and 60%, respectively on the weekly chart. However, $GFOX is more outstanding, rising by 450% as it hit a new high of $0.00364. Keep reading to find out why these are the three main altcoins to watch.


Internet Computer ($ICP) Outperforms the Crypto Market With 60% Hike

Leading the cryptocurrency market rise is Internet Computer (ICP), which has joined the list of altcoins that are bullish in the market. Over the past week, the price of $ICP has risen by over 63%, outpacing the majority of cryptocurrency markets. 

Internet Computer is among the best altcoins to buy according to several timeframes. On the monthly chart, the $ICP coin has gained 50%, and over the last 60 days, it has climbed by 72%. ICP has risen to the $19 resistance level as a result of the recent price pump.

Even if $ICP is currently among the best altcoins, cryptocurrency analysts expect even greater growth for the coin in the upcoming weeks. Expert predictions indicate that Internet Computer will experience a brief surge to $25.71 and as high as $67 before the end of 2024.

Synthetix ($SNX) Crosses $5 As DeFi Activity Surges

In a recent report from Santiment, Syntehtix ($SNX), the derivatives liquidity protocol, listed Synthetix as one of the top DeFi projects based on activity. As per Santiment’s report, Synthetix is the third most active DeFi project, with 116 commits on GitHub.

Over the last week, $SNX has emerged as one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. The Synthetix has increased by more than 33% to cross the $5 price level. Trading above the $5 support level is critical for $SNX to extend its gains. If Synthetix holds above this support, its price could surge as high as $5.80 for a new 2024 high.


Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Rises 450%, Set for 10x Surge As Launch Looms

While $SNX and $ICP have seen respectable gains, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) has outperformed even the best altcoins. The recent price surge of $GFOX to its latest high at $0.00364 has extended its gains to 450%. This impressive rally has made Galaxy Fox one of the best ICO presales of 2024.

Even after its recent surge, $GFOX looks poised for a 10x price jump as the launch date approaches. Galaxy Fox has generated a lot of buzz as it combines a unique play-to-earn (P2E) model through a Web3 endless runner game with meme culture, staking, NFTs, a taxation system, and a marketplace.

In the Galaxy Fox game, the best 20% of players at the end of each season get prizes from a fund that collects revenues from in-game purchases. This style inspires connectedness and competition since it entices community participation in the development of the ecosystem.

In a step to regulate the number of coins in circulation, a token-burning method is used to help maintain stability in the token’s price. The cutting-edge infrastructure of Galaxy Fox has allowed $GFOX, its ERC20 coin, to be one of the best meme coins to buy now.


The crypto market is currently on a roll, and investors have seen significant profits with Internet Computer ($ICP), Synthetix ($SNX), and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), which have immensely grown. Although these are probably the best altcoins to invest in, $GFOX has shown its biggest potential as investors eagerly look forward to its launch in just a few days.

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