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Tezos Blockchain welcomes former French minister Fleur Pellerin to the board

Tezos Blockchain has a new member in its Foundation Council: former French minister Fleur Pellerin. 

In addition to being Minister of Culture and Communication, Pellerin is also the head of a venture capital fund with investments in Web3 Ledger, Bitfury, and Ramp.

Tezos Blockchain and the entry of former French minister Fleur Pellerin into the Council 

The Blockchain of Tezos has announced to have a new member in its Foundation Council: former French minister Fleur Pellerin.

“The President of the Tezos Foundation Council is pleased to announce that Fleur Pellerin, former French Minister for SMEs, Innovation and Digital Economy, has joined the Council.”

Pellerin held several prominent positions while in government, including Minister of Culture and Communication. 

Not only that, since 2016, Pellerin is also the head of Korelya Capital, a late-stage venture capital fund with investments in web3 infrastructure technology companies including Ledger, Bitfury, and Ramp.

The Tezos Foundation is a Swiss foundation, supervised by the Federal Foundation Supervisory Authority. Its purpose is to promote the Tezos protocol through grants and other capital distribution vehicles.

Tezos Blockchain and the new addition to the Foundation Council

Pellerin’s entry into the Tezos Foundation Council should bring with it a wealth of leadership and technological skills. 

In this regard, Pellerin commented as follows:

“Joining the Tezos Foundation Council, I am honored and excited to contribute to an ecosystem that is at the forefront of blockchain innovation and governance.”

My journey in the digital and cultural sectors has equipped me with a unique perspective and set of skills that I believe will complement the mission of the Tezos Foundation to promote and support the Tezos protocol. This is a crucial moment to lead sustainable growth and further decentralization within the blockchain community. I look forward to collaborating with a team of distinguished professionals to promote a vibrant and decentralized ecosystem that will navigate future challenges and seize the opportunities that blockchain technology presents.

The Tezos Foundation Council has the general responsibility of managing and administering the Tezos Foundation and its assets, and defining the strategy of the Tezos Foundation.

The two proposals of the Paris protocol

Last week, Tezos Blockchain described the two Paris protocol proposals (Paris A and Paris B), both aimed at improving the protocol.

Basically, the proposals aim to introduce lower latency, faster finality, and crucial updates to Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

The difference between the two is the type of approach. In fact, while proposal Paris A suggests a gradual adoption, proposal Paris B instead has an immediate implementation. 

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