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Large Investors Favour Slerf, Mantle, and NuggetRush Despite Risk-off Period



  • Investors are still drawn to high-potential altcoins despite the Fed’s rate decision and a bearish crypto market.
  • Slerf, a Solana memecoin, surged despite a crash while Mantle’s MNT hit all-time highs with its staking program.
  • NuggetRush’s NUGX offers DeFi gaming with NFTs and staking, attracting investors with its presale discount.

The Feds’ recent decision on rates, combined with the bearish performance of cryptocurrencies since the beginning of March, has thrown the investment scene into a risk-off environment. This means investors should lean towards traditional investment assets rather than digital ones. Surprisingly, we’ve witnessed a deviation, with investors scrambling for quick gains on bullish altcoins and meme coins as they skyrocket.

Top among their options is one of the trending Solana memecoins, Slerf (SLERF).  Investors have trooped into Mantle (MNT) thanks to its recent all-time highs. Upcoming tokens like NuggetRush (NUGX) have also witnessed their share of high demand throughout the past few weeks, sending the token to impressive highs despite early development.

Let’s explore investors’ attraction to Slerf, Mantle, and NuggetRush.

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NuggetRush’s (NUGX) Future-proof DeFi Offerings Signals Massive Upside Potential 

The draw of investors to NuggetRush is thanks to its use of innovative DeFi features to provide life-changing earnings while entertaining users. The platform is packed with utility, offering an interesting play-to-earn game with NFTs and staking rewards. On NuggetRush, there’s something for artisanal miners, DeFi gamers, and Web3 users. The platform is run by its native NUGX meme coin, pulling meme coin lovers.

The DeFi game will require players to mine for in-game assets that can be exchanged for real money. Players will also be able to trade assets on NuggetRush’s P2P marketplace. For the NFTs, there’s one collection based on the in-game avatars and a rare RUSHGEM collection that holders can swap for real gold. They included NFT staking to give NuggetRush users the best crypto investment option, offering NFT holders a 20% APY. 

These future-proof investment opportunities have compelled investors to position early on NuggetRush’s crypto ICO. NuggetRush has provided a chance to get in on the platform through the presale. 

Investors can get the NUGX token at a discount of just $0.019 on the launchpad round. This is the final run before the token launches on decentralized exchanges, which could skyrocket NUGX. The crypto ICO has raised over $3.5 million and investors are already up 90%. New investors still have the opportunity to rake in massive profits.

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Slerf (SLERF) Delivers Meteoric Bullish Performance

One of the top meme coin earners is Slerf. Even though Solana has been a popular blockchain platform for a long time, it is currently experiencing massive growth in its meme coin sector. Most of the hot meme coins on the market are from Solana. Reports show that Solana memecoins raised over $100 million in three days.

Slerf has been surging since its launch, but recently, it delivered a 40% pump in just one day. As soon as it launched, Slerf caught the interest of the meme coin community. But what skyrocketed it to headline dominance was after the developers burned its airdrop tokens. SLERF crashed after that, but it did nothing to deter investors from pooling into the meme coin. 

Mantle’s (MNT) Platform Offerings Pull Strong Investor Presence

Mantle is a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, and its MNT token recently soared to all-time highs at around $1.49. This surge was fueled by the release of its staking program, pulling the interest of Layer 2 technology investors. Excitement for the platform began when it enabled users to lock their MNT tokens in exchange for mShard. This offering skyrocketed investment interest, sending the token to all-time highs. 

Analysts are confident that Mantle‘s scalability and cost-effective transactions played a massive role in pulling investor interest to the platform. Mantle has become a more preferred option to Ethereum, which is now congested. In addition to this preference, Mantle recently got listed on Upbit, the South Korean exchange. MNT got paired with the Korean Won and other bullish altcoins, boosting the token’s trading volume.

Final Thoughts

Now that investors are backing cryptocurrencies during risk-off periods, it showcases the growing relevance of digital investment. The demand for tokens like Slerf, Mantle, and NuggetRush confirms that lucrative investment opportunities in crypto will continue to be available despite market conditions. For NuggetRush, it shows its potential as the best crypto investment to diversify holdings.

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