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Price Rollercoaster: LUNC Surges as Do Kwon Freed, Then Dips Amid Investors Flock to PEPE and MEDA



  • LUNC’s price could drop to $0.000132 by April 27
  • PEPE’s price could reach $0.00004027 in 2024.
  • Investors are eyeing Milei Moneda ($MEDA) for its innovation and high returns.

The recent release decision of Terra founder Do Kwon has sparked wide price swings in the crypto market. LUNC experienced a surge following the news, only to dip later due to profit-taking and market selloff. Amidst this volatility, investors sought stability and potential in PEPE and Milei Moneda ($MEDA), driving interest toward these projects with promising market dynamics. But why are investors backing these top crypto coins? Read on to find out! 

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Kwon’s Release Decision Spurs LUNC Market Reaction 

The Montenegrin court has recently granted Do Kwon, the founder of Terra, conditional house arrest instead of extraditing him to South Korea as initially planned. This decision has caught the attention of the crypto community and sparked a series of events.

In response to this crypto news, the price of LUNC experienced a remarkable surge, skyrocketing by over 70% within a week and reaching a weekly high of $0.00017. However, this surge was short-lived, as the price subsequently retreated to $0.000147. Market observers attribute this sharp decline to a price correction resulting from profit-taking and a broader market selloff.

Furthermore, crypto analysts are closely monitoring the market’s volatility, and they anticipate that the price of LUNC may continue to face downward pressure. According to their projections, the price of LUNC could drop to $0.000132 by April 27.

Supply Reduction Boosts PEPE’s Value

PEPE has experienced an impressive surge since the beginning of the year, with its price skyrocketing by over 124% in the past month alone. In the last seven days, the price of PEPE has seen a remarkable increase of over 13%, leading to a corresponding 10% rise in its crypto market cap.

Notably, there has been a recent reduction in the total supply of the PEPE token, from 180.7 trillion to 178.7 trillion. This reduction in supply has the potential to contribute to a surge in price since the performance of cryptocurrencies is heavily influenced by the dynamics of supply and demand.

Furthermore, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) currently indicates a positive outlook for PEPE, as it is above the neutral zone. Experts in the industry share this optimism and forecast that the price of PEPE could pump as high as $0.00004027 in 2024.

Investors Find Stability And Potential In Milei Moneda  

As LUNC prices saw wild swings in the aftermath of Do Kwon’s release, investors sought out stable projects with undiscovered upside. Many turned their attention to the emerging Milei Moneda. Inspired by Javier Milei and its commitment to promoting innovation, Milei Moneda has garnered significant popularity among enthusiasts of top DeFi projects.

Milei Moneda sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive ecosystem encompassing various aspects such as NFTs, political discourse, and community engagement. The project has established vibrant communities on platforms like X, Discord, and Reddit, where members come together to exchange ideas and enjoy their shared passion for the project.

At present, Milei Moneda is in Stage 1 of its presale, offering its native token at an altcoin price of $0.010. As the presale progresses, the value of $MEDA is expected to rise, reaching $0.020 upon its launch on Uniswap, scheduled for May 21. This means that early participants in the presale have the potential to witness a significant 100% return on investment.

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