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STEPN collaborates with Adidas to launch the new Genesis Sneakers NFT

STEPN, the famous lifestyle app, in its new long-term collaboration with Adidas, has announced the launch of the new Genesis Sneakers NFT collection developed on Solana. 

STEPN and Adidas launch the collection of 1000 Genesis Sneakers NFT on Solana

STEPN, the lifestyle app famous for move-to-earn, has announced its new long-term collaboration with the renowned sportswear brand Adidas. Among the benefits for users, there is now the launch of the new collection of 1,000 Genesis Sneakers NFT developed on the Solana blockchain.

“STEPN x adidas: A step into the future. We are proud to announce that we are collaborating with @adidas and @altsbyadidas for a long-term partnership, to revolutionize the lifestyle app ecosystem and bring global adoption to @fslweb3.

This innovative partnership will contain multiple activations, aimed at providing a complete experience to our community: 1,000 Genesis Sneaker NFTs in co-branding on @solana; Exclusive benefits for holders; And much more! Our collaboration goes beyond NFTs, offering digital resources that inspire a healthier and more active lifestyle. With adidas by our side, we are not just dreaming of a new future: we are building it. Note: these co-branded Genesis Sneakers will be available on our marketplace http://mooar.com. Priority will be given to the adidas and FSL communities, with the first day accessible only through an allowlist, including: @altsbyadidas NFT holders. STEPN HOLDERS: OG and Genesis holders, and “Effective Mover 6” badge holders; MOOAR: Membership level 5 and above; Gas Hero: Badge or Genesis holders; The lottery will be open to the public on April 18; The snapshot was taken on April 12. If you are part of the allowlist, make sure to go to http://id.fsl.com and set up your account with your STEPN email before April 16. STEPN x adidas: A step into the future.

STEPN and Adidas: how does the sale of the new NFT collection work?

Basically, the STEPN x adidas Genesis Sneakers collection will be sold through the MOOAR marketplace, at a price of 10,000 GMT each. GMT is the native token of STEPN. 

The collection will be distributed through a two-phase lottery (with full refund for those who do not win).

Specifically, on April 17th there will be the first phase, in which 200 NFTs have been reserved for the most loyal users. This list includes the holders of “ALTS by adidas” NFTs and eligible members of the broader FSL community, including users of STEPN, the MOOAR marketplace, and the Gas Hero blockchain game.

The second phase, instead, will consist of a public lottery sale, where the remaining offer of 790 NFTs will be available. This phase will take place from April 18th to 21st. Winners will be drawn every 24 hours and can claim their prizes on the MOOAR market. 

The limits are set at one NFT per wallet to ensure a fair distribution of the collection.

In this regard, Shiti Manghani, CEO of STEPN by FSL, stated:

“This collaboration between STEPN and adidas highlights how powerful it is to move and learn simultaneously in the virtual and real world. The fact that a physical and digital partnership – or ‘phygital’ – between the most popular lifestyle app and a global brand like adidas is now a reality indicates the direction in which lifestyle trends are heading.”

The present collaboration between STEPN and Adidas will last for one year, during which other NFT drops and wearable physical items will be involved. 

The move-to-earn app and the $30 million airdrop on Solana

STEPN is committed to growing the emerging “move-to-earn” sector in a space that enhances life and makes future technology accessible to all generations.

At the time of writing, in fact, the lifestyle app powered by Solana has already reached 5 million registered users. 

Not only that, the announcement of the new Genesis Sneakers NFT collection with Adidas comes after the great success of the airdrop on Wednesday, April 10, which saw the STEPN community rewarded with tokens worth about 30 million dollars.

And indeed, STEPN has planned its airdrop in two phases, allowing STEPN badge holders to earn FSL points first and then Genesis Sneakers holders. 

The initiative has distributed a total of 100 million FSL points, equivalent to about 30 million dollars. 

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