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Tron collaborates with Hans Zimmer and presents today his new Anthem

The Web3 platform of Tron has announced a new collaboration with the great composer Hans Zimmer, presenting today the new Anthem of Tron. 

Tron and Hans Zimmer present the new Anthem of the Web3 platform

The Web3 platform of Tron has announced the new collaboration with the great composer Hans Zimmer, launching the new “Anthem of Tron”. 

“Music is about to change forever! @HansZimmer + @justinsuntron + @trondao = The #TRONAnthem. This is not just a soundtrack, it’s the sound of the future. #TRONICS, get ready for the ultimate music experience! Listen now!”

The new musical anthem for Tron composed by the famous Hans Zimmer, stems from a musical genre choice of the founder of the blockchain ecosystem, Justin Sun.

And indeed, at the beginning of his career, Sun had created playlists on the first Chinese streaming services where his favorite genre was present, the one he called “Epic Music”. 

Among these tracks, there are Victory (Two Steps from Hell) and The Pitcairn Story by Michael Conn, as well as the songs from the film Inception by the acclaimed composer Hans Zimmer.

The new Anthem of Tron, composed by Zimmer, is therefore based on the soundtracks of the “Epic Music” genre, which is a great inspiration for the founder of the Tron ecosystem. 

Tron and Hans Zimmer: the story behind the new Anthem of the Web3 platform

From what has emerged, it seems that the new Tron Anthem was conceived during the COVID-19 period, both as a soundtrack to inspire the TRON community, and to highlight the opportunity that was beginning to be believed to exist in the new Web3 space.

Apparently, however, the conversations between Sun and Zimmer began at the beginning of 2022, with a passionate and volatile exchange of jokes via Zoom. On one side, Sun was locked in his house in Singapore, on the other Zimmer was amidst rehearsals for a new arena tour around Europe. 

The two innovators have spent the last two years exploring together the various conversations that focus on the crypto world and its influence on everything else, such as community, philosophy, humanity, and civilization.

From here, the first seeds of Tron’s Anthem were born, leading up to today, April 16, 2024, when the soundtrack of the Web3 platform was presented to the general public. 

Regarding this, Justin Sun said:

“The concept of DAO is much more than making profits or doing business – it is much more than that. It is more of a life with a soul. No matter what language you speak, when you listen to the song, everyone will feel the spirit and power”

The request to dismiss the case against the US SEC

While the new anthem for Tron is something magical that serves as the musical background for the Web3 platform, recently something more practical happened instead. 

The Tron Foundation and Justin Sun have requested the Court to dismiss the case filed against them by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the USA (SEC).

Specifically, in the filing with the District Court of New York, the defendants request the dismissal of the case, arguing that the SEC has not proven jurisdiction over the foreign defendants. 

At the center of the case, dating back to March 2023, are the accusations of selling and launching unregistered securities, fraud, and market manipulation.

The defendants involved were Sun, Tron Foundation, BitTorrent Foundation, and Rainberry who vehemently contested the jurisdictional requests.

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Stefania Stimolo
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