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Kraken expands in the USA by acquiring TradeStation Crypto

Kraken has acquired TradeStation Crypto, the company that in recent years has obtained a series of regulatory licenses in most of the USA. In this way, the crypto-exchange expands its presence in the United States.

Kraken expands its presence in the USA thanks to the acquisition of TradeStation Crypto

Kraken, the famous crypto-exchange, expands its presence in the USA with the acquisition of TradeStation Crypto. 

According to what reported, the strategic move of the crypto-exchange will allow it to operate with more regulatory licenses in the US territory.

And indeed, TradeStation Crypto, based in Florida, has acquired money transmission licenses and other types of regulatory licenses in most American states in recent years.

In this regard, a spokesperson for Kraken would have stated the following:

“We can confirm that Kraken has recently acquired TradeStation’s cryptocurrency business. The transaction is part of our efforts to accelerate our presence in the United States and will unlock further growth and new product opportunities for Kraken in the United States”

It is important to note that this acquisition has never been made public before, and it has not yet been officially announced. 

Kraken and its expansion in the USA: who is TradeStation Crypto?

The new company acquired by Kraken, TradeStation Crypto, is a subsidiary of TradeStation Group, launched in November 2020. 

Specifically, TradeStation Crypto is one of the first examples of an online broker entirely dedicated to the cryptocurrency sector. Its goal is to offer the same functionalities and performance already available in the traditional market of stocks, options, and futures. 

The TradeStation Crypto model is based on the combination of various liquidity pools into a single market feed, paired with an order processing system so efficient that it ensures greater visibility and execution. 

Last February 2021, TradeStation Crypto landed on TradingView as well. In practice, from that moment on, users could access TradeStation Crypto services directly through TradingView charts.

Not only that, TradeStation Crypto has also been behind a physical manifestation of the ambitious mayor of Miami, Francis X. Suarez who wants to transform his city into a hub for cryptocurrencies.

At the beginning of 2022, TradeStation Crypto commissioned the Miami Bull, a 3,000-pound, 11-foot statue that was unveiled by Suarez.

Expansion in Europe and its crypto services

Returning to Kraken, the crypto-exchange is also targeting Europe for the expansion of its services. 

Recently, in fact, Kraken obtained registration as a VASP in the Netherlands, through the approval of the Dutch Central Bank.

In practice, the crypto-exchange can provide its services of exchange, transfer, custody, and management of crypto wallets within the Dutch territory.

Not only that, just these days, there has been talk of Kraken for its crypto news: the launch of its non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. This is an app for iOS (iPhone) that allows users to store and safeguard cryptocurrencies on their own. 

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