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Xistann Makes Bold ETH Prediction, KANG Early Investors Rake 290% ROI, Nice Dice Projects Tron Rally


Crypto experts constantly analyze and predict the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2024. Xistann believes Ethereum (ETH) will make a small correction, which will be followed by an imminent bounce back to the $3,865 resistance level. Also, Nice Dice predicts strong bullish momentum for Tron (TRX) of up to 5x after the Bitcoin halving. Meanwhile, KangaMoon’s early buyers have made over 290% ROI from the ongoing presale. Experts project that the $KANG token is a good crypto to buy this year, given its surging momentum. 

KangaMoon (KANG) Early Investors Make Over 290% ROI As the Price Hit $0.0196

Despite the bullish projections from analysts about the Ethereum and Uniswap tokens, KangaMoon remains a top crypto to beat. The token has already given early buyers over 290% returns while only in stage 5 of the presale. Analysts forecast over 700% returns at the end of the presale. The KANG price, which started at a floor price of $0.0050 has increased to $0.0196.  

Meanwhile, traders who buy the token are given a 10% deposit bonus. That means now is the best time to accumulate the token without breaking the bank. The token’s presale buyers have exceeded 6,000, helping them raise over $5.5M in the presale. Analysts anticipate a rise to $10M by the end of the presale. Also, more than 20,000 people have signed up on the platform as the community keeps growing. 

As a Play2Earn platform, users can participate in weekly, monthly and quarterly challenges and earn prizes and rewards. Every challenge in the platform is a chance to win and every victory translates to real world values and returns. Members can also earn more prizes when they participate in community activities like commenting or sharing tweets that promote the project. 

The team has announced plans for KANG listing across Tier 1 exchanges in the coming weeks. Some analysts believe the listing will be accompanied by a rally. As such, they forecast 100x rallies in the coming months. Above all, KangaMoon has established itself as a good crypto to buy for long-term gains. We recommend you check it out. 

Predicts  Small Correction Might Push Ethereum(ETH) Above the $3,865 Resistance Level

Xistann, a crypto analyst, believes that with Ethereum’s price trading near the moving average (MA) of 100, the token will witness a slight correction, which will likely be followed by a rally. The analyst believes that once the coin bounces back, it could hit the $3,865 resistance trendline, making ETH one of the top cryptos to buy now.  

The analysis suggests that a successful breakout above the middle-line resistance will lead to a bullish rally. However, data from CoinMarketCap shows that Ethereum’s price has dropped by 16% in the past month and 15% in the past week. While the token is on a downtrend, some analysts believe it will witness a rally soon as Kong Kong approves spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF. 

Nice Dice Predicts 5x Rally for Tron (TRX) in 2024

Nice Dice, a crypto analyst, believes that Tron’s price will surge by 5x after the Bitcoin halving. The analysts believe that Tron will set a new ATH record in the year while surging by 392% in the process.

The prediction comes as the Tron Community announced that Tron burned a total of 584, 861, 537 tokens in the first quarter of 2024, amounting to over $70M. With the surging momentum of the blockchain, the prediction might come to pass before the end of 2024. 

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