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Hong Kong Approves Ethereum and Bitcoin ETFs. Investors Stock Up on Hot New Crypto Raboo


With the recent approval of both the Ethereum and the Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong, coupled with the imminent Bitcoin halving event, investors are flocking to markets to secure their portfolios before the second phase of this bull market. Amidst the craze, a hot new crypto presale comes into the limelight. 

Meet Raboo, the new AI meme coin poised to grow by more than 233% during its presale and 100x on launch day. Read on to find out more about this hot new crypto, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin: Hong Kong’s recent approval of the Bitcoin ETF  

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency introduced on the market; it single-handedly kick-started the entire web3 industry as we know it today. Although Bitcoin’s journey from an internet fad to the future of currency was slow and steady, today, the token is recognized by some of the biggest institutions in the world. 

Most importantly, USA and Hong Kong officials recently approved the Bitcoin ETFs, securing the future of Bitcoin as a safe investment and opening crypto as an asset class to a wider range of investors. Thus, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Bitcoin’s ETF approvals resulted in a new ATH for the token, with experts indicating that Bitcoin will remain one of the hottest assets on the market for the foreseeable future. 

Ethereum: Hong Kong approves the Ethereum ETF. What will the SEC do next? 

Ethereum is known for being the first blockchain to introduce smart contracts and add a whole new area of use cases to the crypto market. This helped Ethereum gain massive attention over the years, becoming the second most valuable token on the market and serving as the underlying infrastructure for thousands of projects. 

Although the SEC was slow to approve the Ethereum ETF, Hong Kong took the lead, recently approving both requests. This is pivotal for Ethereum, ETH-based projects, and the wider crypto industry, as the new capital influx from institutional investors will likely jumpstart the golden age of crypto. 

Raboo: The hot new crypto presale that took the market by storm 

Raboo is a new AI meme coin that took the market by storm. From its unique blend of SocialFi mechanics and cutting-edge AI technology to its strong community of die-hard fans, Raboo is creating one of the most comprehensive ecosystems in the industry for meme enthusiasts

Further, as an Ethereum-based token that sits at the intersection of this bull market’s hottest niches, Raboo is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the buzz generated by the Hong Kong Ethereum ETF approval. This resulted in Raboo’s hot new crypto presale becoming one of the most sought-after in the market, as increasingly more investors are flocking to seize the opportunity of the 100x projected returns for early investors. 


With the recent approval of the Ethereum and Bitcoin ETFs, investors worldwide are running to secure their positions in the hottest high-potential projects of this market. In this context, with a second stage price of only $0.0036, Raboo’s hot new crypto presale is a golden opportunity for gem hunters who want to maximize their returns during this crazy bull run. The Raboo presale has already brought in almost $1 million in just three weeks, and the presale is selling out fast. Don’t miss out!

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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