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Solana Meme Coins Bonk And Dogwifhat Predicted To Explode, Slothana The Next 100x Crypto?

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Solana meme coins are regaining momentum, buoyed by the SOL price recovery in the last few days. 

Indeed, Solana is back to trading at $154 at press time, up 20% from its weekly low of $128. Unsurprisingly, its Layer-2 meme coins displayed a much sharper bounce back. 

For instance, Bonk rallied close to 60% from its weekly low and is trading at $0.000021 today on Monday. Meanwhile, top SOL meme crypto Dogwifhat climbed up 36% to trade near $3 at press time. 

With the cryptocurrency market steadily resuming its bullish trajectory, the spotlight is once again on low-cap meme coins. For example, the new Solana meme coin Slothana is witnessing strong hype and FOMO before its launch on April 29th. 

Experts believe $SLOTH could be the next meme crypto to deliver 100x – 1000x returns. 

Solana Meme Coins To Resume Bull Rally

Crypto prices crashed in mid-April, with meme tokens witnessing extensive losses. 

However, analysts were always confident in their recovery, The pre-halving crypto crash was largely due to macroeconomic risks and tensions in the Middle East due to the Israel-Iran conflict. 

However, with these risks now waning, crypto prices are making a V-shaped recovery. Solana is again trading above $150, with experts projecting a new all-time high to be imminent in the coming months. 

During this bull run, meme coins have been acting as leveraged bets on their respective native tokens. Consequently, the upcoming SOL price rally would likely result in Bonk, Wif and other Solana meme coins rushing towards new highs. 

For instance, popular crypto influencer and trader Ansem is bullish on Dogwifhat in the short term. He reveals that the last time $WIF followed a similar consolidatory price action for two months, it skyrocketed from $0.30 to $4.

Similarly, Andrew Griffiths highlights that Bonk has broken out of a falling wedge in the 12-hour time frame. He expects an 80% bullish wave in the coming days. 

RadiantsDAO’s “Bonkathon”, which starts April 29th, is also expected to provide a bullish boost to the meme coin. 

Slothana – The Next 100x Crypto?

The new meme cryptocurrency Slothana is in strong demand after several experts have tipped it to be the next big Solana meme coin. 

$SLOTH has already raised over $10 million in its presale in just over a week. With the ICO set to end on April 29th, traders are expecting the hype and FOMO surrounding the new crypto to only increase. 

Meme coin enthusiasts have a new investment thesis – “If it makes me laugh, I’m buying”. 

Unsurprisingly, Slothana’s mascot has caught their imagination. This office-going Sloth has had it enough with the daily 9 to 5 grind and is looking to gain financial freedom in the world of crypto trading. 

Sloth-inspired meme coins have become the new meta after Slerf – the token which rallied 5000% in a few hours – and now Slothana is carrying forward the baton. 

Rumors are also circulating that the development team behind Smog – another popular meme coin – is also steering the Slothana project. Notably, Smog has been one of the top-performing meme tokens in this bull market, already delivering close to 27,000% gains. 

If the rumors are true, Slothana indeed could be the next 100x crypto. 

YouTubers And Crypto Influencers Bullish On Sloth

Community support is the key ingredient behind a new meme token’s success and Slothana appears to stand out in this area. 

Several crypto influencers and YouTube trading experts are optimistic regarding Sloth’s price potential. 

In a recent video, popular crypto YouTuber Michael Wrubel called Slothana his “next 100x meme coin”. Crypto influencers Jon Trading and Jacob Bury share his optimism.

Meanwhile, YouTuber ClayBro claims that $SLOTH is gearing up to be the best Solana meme coin. 

How To Buy Slothana?

Slothana has adopted Slerf’s innovative presale model, allowing investors to simply send $SOL tokens to the project wallet. 

The wallet address is EnSawje2vQSQKtGbPYdXEuYKm2sHgeLKJTqCmrDErKEA and is also available on the website

1 $SOL will net 10,000 $SLOTH tokens for the duration of the presale and will be airdropped to the investors after the completion of the ICO.

However, traders who prefer the traditional presale model can head to the Slothana website and connect their crypto wallets. They can then swap $SOL tokens for $SLOTH. 

However as previously mentioned, the presale is set to end in less than 7 days on April 29th. Interested buyers therefore have a short window to buy this high-potential meme coin early. 

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