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eTukTuk’s Play To Earn Crypto Game Is Now On Google Play And The App Store

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eTukTuk (TUK), a new crypto project that combines blockchain technology with AI and electric vehicles, announced the launch of its new game, Tuktuk Crazy Taxi.

The game emerged on the Google Play Store last week, on April 18, while the App Store launch followed three days later, on April 21.

Newest Play To Earn Crypto Game

Tuktuk Crazy Taxi allows players to drive a Tuk Tuk through the busy streets of Sri Lanka, complete quests, compete in races and ‘earn rewards’ although not much other details have been released yet on the play to earn (P2E) crypto game.

What we know so far is that the game is free to download and play and already has over 100 downloads from Google Play. On the App Store, the download data is not yet available, which is not surprising, considering that the game was just listed.

Tuktuk Crazy Taxi offers simple yet fun gameplay where users can pick up and drop off customers, and the faster they drive, the more they earn in rewards. The project also allows users to upgrade their eTukTuks, unlock new cities, and more.

What is eTukTuk About?

eTukTuk is a new project that has started a sustainable transport revolution by creating an AI-powered sustainable transport solution meant to revolutionize transportation. It will first target developing nations, with plans to distribute its solution worldwide further down the line.

Its product, eTukTuk, will contribute to reducing the global carbon footprint and minimizing pollution. Other benefits include AI-driven efficiency, eco-friendly innovations, smart infrastructure, and predictive maintenance, where AI integration schedules interventions for prolonged vehicle life.

AI can also optimize routes for reduced traffic, minimal fuel consumption, and promotion of sustainable transport. 

To achieve this, the project has created a native cryptocurrency, TUK, which is currently in presale.

eTukTuk Crypto Presale Details

The eTukTuk presale offers the native token, TUK, which sells for $0.0305. However, the token’s price was designed to increase as the presale progresses through different stages, so purchasing it sooner means getting it at a lower price.

So far, the presale raised over $3.15 million. Those interested in purchasing the TUK token can do so with ETH, BNB, USDT, or credit/debit card.

Once purchased, the token can also be staked for over 80% annualized rewards.

This is why the token’s price could see a pump after launch, encouraging buyers to join the presale early. 

However, this is still only speculation and should not be taken as a guarantee. In other words, anyone interested in buying the TUK token should do their research first and make their own decision about whether or not to invest.

The presale was also mentioned by famous crypto experts on YouTube, such as Cryptonews, which has over 9,000 subscribers.

To quickly get new updates regarding the project and its presale, as well as any more upcoming P2E crypto games, follow eTukTuk on its social media, including X, Discord, YouTube, Telegram, and Instagram.

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