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Analyst Call Out Biggest Bull Run of 2024: 3 Tokens to Add to Your Wallet


It has been an eventful year so far in the crypto industry, given how several top altcoins have reached all-time price highs in 2024. While we’ve only completed the first quarter of the year, 2024 still holds a lot of promise in the crypto industry.

Amid the many positive phenomena to look forward to, the crypto bull run, which is lurking across the horizon, is an event that investors have been waiting for. To position oneself for what’s proclaimed as the biggest bull run of 2024, this article highlights three altcoins to buy in April. They include KangaMoon (KANG), Internet Computer (ICP), and Theta Network (THETA). Find out why these coins were chosen.

KangaMoon (KANG): A Meme Project that’s Breaking Barriers 

KangaMoon (KANG) is unleashing the next-generation meme project that comes with exciting features that’ll entertain and reward members with profits. For context, the KangaMoon’s platform is geared toward becoming the biggest meme platform for networking between meme enthusiasts. Also, the play-to-earn gaming feature of the platform rewards members with DeFi valuables that can be traded or sold for cash.

Similarly, KangaMoon is unveiling a coin that is projected to become a blue-chip crypto in the near future. So far in its presale, the KANG token has already generated over 290% in price value. As a result, traders who joined the presale early in stage 1 have recorded similar percentages of ROI. New buyers are rewarded with a 10% bonus while holders will get more tokens when they promote the project on social media. 

At least 700% growth is still expected of the KANG token before launch. In view of this, investing in the KANG project now will position one to gain from the potential price growth. The KANG token trades at $0.0196 with analysts projecting a 50x rally in the coming months.  Overall, KangaMoon has the potential to grow investors’ portfolios in 2024 ahead of top altcoins like Internet Computer and Theta Network. 

Internet Computer (ICP) Shows Bullish Signals 

The bullish sentiment of the Internet Computer (ICP) in recent weeks has placed it among the top altcoins to buy in the crypto market. As the market stats show, Internet Computer has gained over 19% within the last month. In the process, Internet Computer has climbed to a year-to-date price high above the $19 mark. 

Despite the recent retracement of the past week, key market indicators are backing Internet Computer to head to the moon. For instance, the Internet Computer trading volume is on the rise. Also, the Internet Computer Fear and Greed Index is at 59, which suggests a moderate bullish sentiment for the token. As such, ICP is worth adding to your wallet now. 

Theta Network (THETA) Establish Support Above $2 as it Gears for Bull Run 

The price trajectory of Theta Network (THETA) has run into a bear patch since the second week of March. As a result, the Theta Network has lost about 22% within the last month. Meanwhile, Theta Network’s price has gained over 66% since the start of the year. 

In preparation for what could be the biggest bull run of 2024, Theta Network’s trading volume is gaining momentum as traders buy more of the token. Having established support at the $2 mark, Theta Network is likely to rally above the $7 zone in the coming weeks.

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