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Veteran Trader Predicts 219% Rally for Bitcoin, Analyst Predict Rebound for Ethereum and a New Altcoin



  • Veteran trader Anthony Scaramucci has set a timeline for Bitcoin to increase by 219%.
  • The analysis shared by Tara shows that Ethereum is ready for a rebound after bottoming at $2,960.
  • NuggetRush is primed for a rally to $0.10 as it prepares for its airdrop and listing on Uniswap. 

Though Bitcoin is still trying to recover from the recent crypto crash, veteran trader Anthon Scaramucci, has offered a very bullish prediction for BTC. Scaramucci believes that Bitcoin could reach over 200% in the next year.

The same bullish idea was shared about Ethereum by the famous crypto trader Tara. Tara opined that ETH is poised for a bounce after testing the support at $2,960. In the meantime, NuggetRush is one of the best gaming tokens to buy today, as the airdrop and listing could shoot its value up to $0.10.

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Listing and Airdrop To Fuel NuggetRush (NUGX) To $0.10

While the crypto market waits for a recovery, the NuggetRush (NUGX) community is riding on the recent listing of its native NUGX tokens on the Uniswap DEX, and is anticipating its airdrop. In just a few days, the NUGX token airdropped to people who invested in the early days of its crypto ICO.

Owing to the events occurring immediately after the Bitcoin halving, investors are positive that these events will instigate a rally from the initial listing price of $0.020 to $0.10. The unique NuggetRush gaming ecosystem is another reason for the bullish sentiment.

NuggetRush is a hybrid GameFi ecosystem, combining elements of P2E gaming with artisanal mining, NFTs, staking, and meme culture. Within the game, players will go on exciting mining adventures. As they strategically build and expand their mining operations, players stand a great chance of finding gold, precious minerals, and trending NFTs in the virtual world.

All these rewards can be converted to real cash in the marketplace of NuggetRush. Players who are lucky to find the rare RUSHGEM NFTs can convert them to real physical gold assets. These earning opportunities are why NuggetRush is now considered the best DeFi crypto to buy now.

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Bitcoin (BTC) To Record a 219% Price Pump in the Next 12 Months

While all attention has been drawn towards the upcoming Bitcoin halving, Anthony Scaramucci has shared a long-term prediction for the leading crypto asset. Based on the latest analysis shared by the veteran trader, the price of Bitcoin is poised to increase by 219% over the next 12 months. 

In the next year, the value of Bitcoin could go up to $200,000, according to Scaramucci. The hedge fund veteran provided that the ongoing adoption will push the BTC price higher. This forecast comes when Bitcoin is still one of the top cryptos to buy, despite a market crash that has pushed BTC down to the $64,000 area.

Tara Predicts Price Surge for Ethereum (ETH) After Testing Support Level

Just like Scaramucci, the crypto analyst Tara has very bullish predictions for Ethereum (ETH). Tara, in her analysis on X, said that Ethereum is ready for a big recovery after testing the previous target low at the price of $2,960.

As the altcoin price hit the $3,100 level, Tara clarified that the correction of ETH is complete. This idea could be supported by CryptoQuant data that indicates that Ethereum’s Open Interest is so close to a reversal of its bearish trend. In such an event, ETH will be aiming to target the resistance of $4,000 and then continue the uptrend.

Closing Thoughts

The latest predictions from Tara and Scaramucci for Ethereum and Bitcoin, respectively, add to the growing bullish sentiment in the crypto market. While these top crypto coins are set for major gains, NuggetRush is in a prime position to outperform the market as it gains prominence in the GameFi space.

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