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Bitcoin Minetrix Crypto Presale Ends April 28 – Uniswap Listing Date April 30

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As the clock ticks down, Bitcoin Minetrix prepares to go live on Uniswap on April 30th at 10am UTC. Their presale will end 2 days earlier, on April 28th.

This milestone marks the culmination of an extensive crypto presale that commenced in September of the previous year, during which the endeavor successfully amassed an impressive $13.2 million in funding.

A Novel Approach to Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Minetrix introduces a concept called “stake-to-mine,” aiming to revolutionize the world of Bitcoin mining. 

Departing from traditional mining methods that demand substantial investments in specialized hardware and electricity, this platform empowers users to engage in Bitcoin mining by staking the native $BTCMTX tokens. 

In exchange, participants receive non-transferable ERC20 token credits, which can be redeemed for Bitcoin cloud mining time or a portion of the mining yields, granting users full decentralized control over their mining operations.

Tokenized Cloud Mining Ecosystem

At the core of Bitcoin Minetrix lies a tokenized cloud mining model that enables users to deposit $BTCMTX tokens and receive cloud mining credits, effectively establishing a pay-as-you-go mining system. 

Once these credits are transformed into Bitcoin, users can seamlessly transfer their earnings to personal wallets or liquidate them on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

This user-friendly and efficient approach aims to address the challenges faced by casual miners in traditional Bitcoin mining while mitigating the risks associated with fraudulent cloud mining schemes.

Token Sale and Allocation Details

Bitcoin Minetrix’s token presale is structured into 39 stages, with each stage featuring an incremental increase in token price. The project’s goal is to raise $15 million through this presale, with a total supply of 4 billion $BTCMTX tokens. 

The tokens sold during the presale will be allocated as follows: 42.5% to fund Bitcoin mining operations, 35% for marketing initiatives, 15% for community-driven projects, and 7.5% for staking rewards.

The ongoing final phase of their crypto presale presents the final opportunity for interested parties to acquire BTXMTX tokens before the project goes live. This window of time represents the last chance to purchase BTXMTX tokens directly from the project’s website before its Uniswap listing and future CEX listings.

User Experience and Transparency

Participants can acquire $BTCMTX tokens during the presale or on decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges after the launch. As explained, by staking these tokens, users gain access to cloud mining credits, which are non-tradable ERC-20 tokens that can be burned to obtain Bitcoin cloud mining power. 

Alternatively, users can directly burn $BTCMTX tokens to receive cloud mining credits, entitling them to a share of the mining revenue proportional to the number of credits or the amount of cloud mining power they hold.

Bitcoin Minetrix’s cloud mining credits are meticulously designed to streamline the cloud mining process into a flexible, pay-as-you-go model, enhancing accessibility and efficiency for users.

The platform’s commitment to transparency, facilitated by on-chain transactions, helps mitigate the risk of fraud, while its smart contract technology automates various operational aspects, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Marketing Outreach

To raise awareness and attract potential users, Bitcoin Minetrix is actively promoting its project through various media outlets, including ReadWrite, CaptainAltcoin, cryptonewsZ, and numerous others.

Moreover, ClayBro, a YouTuber with over 126,000 subscribers, posted a video highlighting the project’s innovative approach to Bitcoin mining. In the video, ClayBro praised Bitcoin Minetrix’s stake-to-mine concept and its potential to disrupt the traditional mining landscape. 

Other popular crypto influencers and YouTubers have also expressed their enthusiasm for the project, further fueling the excitement surrounding its imminent launch.


As the countdown to Bitcoin Minetrix’s launch nears its conclusion, the anticipation surrounding this cloud mining platform continues to build. 

By introducing a stake-to-mine model and a tokenized approach to cloud mining, Bitcoin Minetrix aims to disrupt the traditional Bitcoin mining landscape, making it more accessible and transparent for casual users.

The project’s emphasis on user-friendliness, efficiency, and decentralized control over mining activities sets it apart from conventional cloud mining services, which have often been plagued by scams and lack of transparency. 

With its smart contract technology and on-chain transactions, Bitcoin Minetrix offers a secure and automated mining experience, ensuring that users maintain full control over their mining activities.

While the platform’s ability to deliver after the launch remains to be seen, one thing is certain: the initial success of Bitcoin Minetrix’s presale looks promising. 

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