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Newest Meme Coin To Buy Early – WienerAI (WAI) Presale Review

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As the crypto meme coin sector continues to grow, new projects and narratives are emerging, with some being rather imaginative. WienerAI ($WAI) is a perfect example, as the project represents the first wiener dog and AI hybrid.

Introducing New Meme Coin WienerAI

WienerAI is the newest dog coin in the meme coin arena, which seeks to combine the wiener dog (also known as a dachshund or sausage dog) with the power of artificial intelligence, as well as sausages, which have the obvious, universal appeal.

The result of this combination is a groundbreaking AI-powered meme coin that merges canine loyalty with the power of artificial intelligence and the appeal of a hot dog.

The project seeks to make AI synonymous with companionship by offering a kind, gentle, and funny wiener dog to help unite the entire meme coin space into a singular force called the ‘Sausage Army’.

WienerAI also has a native token called WAI, which is built on Ethereum and operates as an ERC-20 token. The token is currently in presale, offering 30% of its 69 billion-large total supply.

Apart from the 30% available in presale, 20% will be used in staking, 20% for marketing, and 20% for community rewards. The remaining 10% will build up CEX and DEX liquidity.

What Makes WienerAI Token Stand Out?

Apart from being one of the most unusual meme coin / AI hybrids on the market, WienerAI stands out due to its upgradeability. According to the project’s site, this will allow it to remain on top of the crypto world. 

The project was designed in a way that allows it to evolve and improve some of its attributes to match the needs of the users. It can increase its memory and refine its knowledge. 

Also, there is no limit to how hilarious it can look and feel if it needs to become more attractive.

WienerAI also puts all of its hopes into developing a strong community, as its “legions of allies” are the key to the project’s success. 

Apart from making itself look, feel, and sound as attractive as possible, WienerAI also provides incentives through staking rewards, which will be distributed daily throughout the presale.

The WienerAI presale only started recently, so there is still plenty of time for interested participants to join. So far $500,000 has been raised from early buyers.

The native token, WAI, is selling for only a fraction of $1, and it can be purchased with a credit/debit card or in exchange for ETH, USDT, or BNB.

This makes the project look attractive, and crypto experts behind the popular YouTube channel 99Bitcoins, which features over 707k subscribers, believe this might be the next 100x AI presale.

To learn more about WienerAI, investors can visit its website to find the whitepaper and audit info. 

They can also follow the project’s X account or join its Telegram for fresh updates and new developments.

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