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Tom Brady targeted for his crypto mishaps in the Netflix special

At Netflix’s “The Roast of Tom Brady,” the famous retired NFL star, Tom Brady, was targeted by comedians, with jokes about his misadventures with crypto and more. 

Tom Brady: target of comedians for his adventures with crypto

On X and other social media, sketches of the special “The Roast of Tom Brady” by Netflix continue to circulate, starring the famous American football quarterback.

Basically, the retired NFL star, Tom Brady, has been targeted by various comedians on different sore points of his life, including his involvement in the crypto sector. 

And indeed, in an opening monologue, the comedian and roast host, Kevin Hart, immediately teased Brady for his role with the now-defunct crypto-exchange FTX. 

Hart’s joke was actually about why the event took place at the Kia Forum arena in Inglewood instead of the Crypto.com arena in downtown Los Angeles. 

In this regard, Hart commented as follows:

“Well, the reason we didn’t go is because we didn’t want to remind Tom’s fans how much money he owes them. He screwed those people over. Tom screwed those people over. He screwed them over good, didn’t he?”

Tom Brady and Glaser’s joke about losing $30 million in crypto

Even comedian Nikki Glaser attacked Brady, referring to his loss of $30 million in crypto.

As shown in the video, Glaser would have said the following: 

“Tom also lost 30 million dollars in cryptocurrencies, how did you fall for it? I mean, even Gronk said ‘I know they’re not real money'”

The joke also involves Brady’s former teammate, Rob Gronkowski, often the target of jokes about his intelligence.

The special then continued by targeting Brady with jokes about his career, his divorce from Giselle Bündchen in 2021, and more. 

Involvement with FTX

It was June 2021, when the former couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen had become partners of the crypto-exchange FTX.

In addition to being testimonials and promoting the crypto platform, the two have also taken a shareholding in the company. 

Specifically, Brady would have received about 30 million dollars in FTX shares to promote the crypto-exchange and work alongside its founder Sam Bankman-Fried, currently in prison with a 25-year sentence.

With the collapse of FTX in November 2022, then, Brady, Bündchen and many other high-profile athletes and celebrities were cited in a class action for profiting from the promotion of FTX.

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