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Donald Trump favorevole alle crypto promette il più grande taglio delle tasse

Donald Trump, the candidate for President of the USA, who has become favorable to Bitcoin and crypto, promises all Americans, of any class, the biggest tax cut. 

Donald Trump: the US Presidential candidate in favor of crypto promises the biggest tax cut

During this election campaign period in the United States, the Presidential candidate, Donald Trump has promised all Americans “the biggest tax cut”. 

“Donald Trump promises big tax cuts for all Americans if elected president. “Instead of a tax increase by Biden, I will give you a big tax cut by Trump for the middle class, the lower class, the entrepreneurial class. You will have the biggest tax cut”.”

Specifically, the presumed Republican candidate spoke at a rally on the New Jersey coast, trying to win over the crowd with his speech. 

Donald Trump has pledged to double tax cuts if he wins a second term as president, drawing a distinction with President Joe Biden who has instead called for an increase in taxes for businesses and wealthier Americans.

Trump’s promise refers to the middle class, the lower class, and the entrepreneurial class, and more generally, to “all Americans”. 

Given its acceptance of Bitcoin and crypto, the promise of the “largest tax cut” should also be applied to crypto.

Donald Trump and his election campaign that embraces crypto and cuts taxes

The presidential elections in the USA will be held on November 5, 2024. Because of this, the electoral campaign is now in full swing. 

And so, while on the tax issue, Trump promises general cuts, on the crypto issue, it seems that the Republican candidate is accepting not to suppress their presence.

Always comparing himself to the Biden administration, Trump is suggesting that, if elected, his administration would not pursue Bitcoin and crypto. 

In reality, Trump declared not to own any Bitcoin but to have noticed it as a payment currency when he launched his own sneaker line with his brand. 

Already in an interview last March, Trump recognized Bitcoin for its use, stating that he is not sure if he wants to “remove” it, but rather, he defines BTC as an “additional form of currency”.

The bet on crypto meme and Trump-themed NFTs

Since last February 2024, some have started thinking about the US election campaign as a way to place bets and earn money through Web3 tools, regardless of Trump’s win or loss. 

This is Mechanism Capital that has decided to start betting everything on crypto meme and NFTs themed around Donald Trump, trying to profit from the excitement towards the presidential candidate.

Actually, the theory of the founder of the investment company, Andrew Kang, has been to accumulate the first new positions of 2024. 

In this way, the entire news cycle about the presidential candidate will be so central that it will cause a surge in the tokens dedicated to him. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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