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Incrypted Team Organizes Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024

Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024, organized by Incrypted, will take place in Kyiv from June 17 to 23. These are several large-scale events, including a conference, meetups, and an online marathon.

Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024 will gather leaders and fans of Web3 technology, including major players such as Solana, Binance, NEAR, and Trust Wallet.

Every event provides unique insights, networking opportunities, new connections, and a thorough exploration of the newest blockchain trends and innovations.

UBW’24 Schedule

  • DOUBLETOP Meetup – June 20;
  • Solana Community Meetup 3 – June 21 at UNIT.City Innovation park, building B12;
  • Investment Meetup – June 22;
  • ETH Kyiv Hackathon – June 21-23. It will bring together 200+ developers, mentors, judges, and speakers;
  • Ethereum Community Pre-Party – June 22;
  • Incrypted Online Marathon – June 21-22. Includes panel session and online conference. Broadcast on Incrypted’s YouTube channel;
  • Incrypted Conference 2024 – June 23. The main event of Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024 will unite over 2000 participants, 20 speakers, 30 companies, and more than 100 media outlets.

Some event dates may change. Check the Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024 website for updates.

The 2023 Incrypted Conference gathered influential figures from the Web3 world and Ukrainian government representatives.

Speakers at Incrypted Conference 2024 include:

  • Austin Federa – Head of Strategy at the Solana Foundation;
  • Anton Dzyuba – CEO and Co-founder of DOUBLETOP project;
  • Nelson Lopez – Global Head of Human Resources at the Gate.io exchange;
  • Igor Pertsiya – Founder and Managing Partner of Hypra fund;
  • Dmytro Vorotyntsev – Head of cryptocurrency wallet platform Trust Wallet.

Stay tuned for more updates from Incrypted. We will announce more speakers and details about Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024 soon.