A few days ago Scroll, a well-known layer-2 ZK rollup of the Ethereum blockchain, introduced the “Sessions” loyalty program anticipating the launch of its governance token, which will likely be distributed to the community through a crypto airdrop.

Sessions is nothing more than a points campaign where users of the cryptographic ecosystem can earn “Marks” by performing various interactions with the Scroll network and increasing the allocation for the airdrop.

Let’s see together how to become eligible.

All the details below.

Scroll and the launch of the “Sessions” campaign in preparation for the crypto airdrop

The Ethereum Scroll layer-2 is making airdrop hunters dream after the “Sessions” campaign was released, anticipating the launch of the rollup governance crypto.

This is a loyalty program that rewards the community for supporting the growth of the cryptographic network, through a points-based incentive system.

In every project these points, which are then converted into crypto airdrop at the time of the TGE, take on a different name: on Scroll they are called “Marks“.

Basically, the more Marks we accumulate, the greater our contribution to the Scroll blockchain, and therefore the richer the allocation for the airdrop will be.

To check your progress so far, you can visit this link, connect your wallet, and sign in with which you accept the terms and conditions of this campaign.

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At the moment we are in the “Session 0” of this loyalty system.

In the coming weeks, new Sessions will be announced, each with a different theme and a different way to earn new Marks.

In Session 0, to accumulate points, it is sufficient to bridge funds from the Ethereum Mainnet to the Scroll network using the native bridge or LayerZero, and hold the coins on the layer-2: Marks will be credited every 24 hours!

As also stated in the Scroll press release: “No further transactions or activities are required for Session Zero”

The assets that entitle to points are ETH and wstETH for the native bridge, and STONE for the bridge through LayerZero technology. In the coming days, new eligible assets will be announced that will compete in the creation of new Marks.

We would like to point out that those who interacted with Scroll consuming gas fees from the launch of the mainnet on October 10, 2023 until April 29, 2024, received a substantial bonus.

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How to qualify from now on to receive the crypto airdrop?

Most likely in the upcoming Sessions new Marks will be generated for various types of interactions within the Scroll network such as, swap, liquidity providing, NFT trading, etc.

The metrics that will likely be adopted are:

  • volume of exchange;
  • number of transactions executed;
  • number of contracts used.

Without knowing how the next Sessions will be managed, we can still try to anticipate some interactions by trying out the most well-known dapps in the Scroll ecosystem such as, Aave, Compound, Syncswap, KyberSwap, Iziswap, Rubic, Sushiswap, Layerbank, Lido, Stargate, Orbiter Finance, KelpDAO, StakeStone, SynFutures, DodoX, etc.

For further tips on how to farm the Scroll airdrop you can visit this article.

Surely, if you want to try to be eligible for the distribution of the new crypto, it will be essential to bridge ETH from Ethereum to Scroll.

Take advantage now to do this kind of interaction because gas on Ethereum is very low at the moment (around 6 gwei), at one of its lowest levels in the last 4 years.

To give you an idea, a native bridge on Scroll can cost about 2-3 dollars in fees, while a few months ago it could cost as much as 20-30 dollars.

Source: https://dune.com/hildobby/gas

Some data from the layer-2 Scroll

Less than a year after its mainnet launch, Scroll can boast a decent popularity within the Ethereum rollup layer-2 panorama.

According to L2beat, the network has a TVL of 425 million dollars in locked assets, positioning it as the 12th richest scaling networks on Ethereum.

From mid-April onwards we have witnessed an explosion of this metric, which has more than doubled in less than a month, thanks mainly to the growing attention from retail users who are heavily investing in Scroll in anticipation of a crypto airdrop.

scroll tvl
Source: https://l2beat.com/scaling/projects/scroll

In the last 30 days, the layer-2 has counted over 10 million transactions, with a daily TP/S of 4.17. According to Dune Analytics, in the last week Scroll has recorded 2.7 million tx, with 359,000 tx just yesterday.

Overall, the number of transactions, as well as the number of active wallets (both on a weekly basis), seems to be growing since the beginning of 2024.

Despite this, the revenue of ETH sequencers, i.e. the entities responsible for organizing data on L2 and communicating with L1, has been declining since March when the Dencun update was implemented.

Specifically, from the end of March until now, the weekly earnings of this entity have decreased from 950 ETH at the end of March to the current 274 ETH.

airdrop crypto scroll
Source: https://dune.com/scroll/scroll-key-metrics

Despite the excellent results, Scroll still remains today a layer-2 “expensive” to use, with commission costs far exceeding those of infrastructures like Starknet, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

Indeed, these latest networks allow nowadays to perform swaps and transfer funds paying less than 0.01 dollars in fees, while on Scroll the costs still remain around 0.10 dollars for the same operations.

Keep in mind the presence of these costs if you are planning to participate in this crypto airdrop.

In order to become even more popular in the cryptographic sector, Scroll will have to improve this limitation of its own by competing with the big players in the world of Ethereum rollups.

The trend seems to be heading towards lower transaction fees.

scroll gas swap
Source: https://dune.com/scroll/scroll-gas
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