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Crypto news: Ramp Network ottiene la registrazione in Irlanda e prevede di stabilire il suo quartier generale europeo

Crypto news: Ramp Network has obtained registration as a virtual asset service provider (VASP) in Ireland. The company plans to establish its European headquarters in Ireland and obtain a license as a crypto-asset service provider.

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Ramp Network expands its crypto operations with a new base in Ireland

As anticipated, the Irish branch of Ramp Network, a crypto infrastructure company based in the United Kingdom, has obtained registration as a virtual asset service provider (VASP) in Ireland. 

As announced on Thursday in a press release. Ramp Network is a financial technology company that creates payment rails to connect cryptocurrencies to the global financial system.

This registration will allow users to exchange fiat currencies with over 100 cryptocurrencies.

The company intends to make Ireland its European headquarters, establishing a team and an activity in Dublin. 

It also plans to obtain authorization as a Crypto Asset Service Provider (CASP) under the European Union regulation on markets in crypto-assets (MiCA). 

To become an authorized CASP according to MiCA, a company must have a registered office in an EU member state where it conducts part of its activities and have a resident director.

Many cryptocurrency companies, such as the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, have already obtained a license in Ireland. In October, Coinbase stated that it wants to make Ireland its European hub due to its favorable environment for fintech companies.

Anche Kraken ha ottenuto una licenza di istituto di moneta elettronica in Ireland a settembre, mentre Zodia Market, supportato da Standard Chartered, ha ottenuto la registrazione in Ireland a ottobre.

The registrations of Kraken in Spain and Ireland to expand crypto services in Europe

Kraken, exchange di criptovalute di rilievo, ha di recente annunciato di aver ottenuto la registrazione come fornitore di servizi di asset virtuali in Spain dalla banca centrale del paese.

Questo consentirà a Kraken di offrire presto servizi di exchange di criptovalute e wallet custodial ai residenti spagnoli. 

In parallel, the Irish subsidiary of Kraken has received an electronic money institution (EMI) license from the local central bank. 

Allowing the expansion of its fiat EUR services in collaboration with banks, both in Ireland and throughout Europe, as stated in a press release. 

Le piattaforme di exchange di criptovalute stanno attivamente cercando di espandersi in Europa, soprattutto dopo che l’Unione Europea ha chiarito il suo regulatory approach alle criptovalute.

One recent example is Coinbase, which has registered in Spain. With the introduction of the EU’s Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) regulation, the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies in Europe is set to change.

Curtis Ting, vicepresidente delle operazioni globali di Kraken, ha commentato: 

“What we see in Europe is a solid foundation for cryptocurrencies, with forward-looking regulation that allows us to grow with confidence. We are grateful for the constructive approach to regulating the growth of the sector established by the Central Bank of Ireland and the Bank of Spain. Both in Ireland and Spain, we are excited to join their vibrant local fintech sectors and look forward to continuing our investments in Europe more broadly.”

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