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MetaMask: il crypto wallet più utilizzato sta per aggiungere Bitcoin

MetaMask, the giant of the Ethereum ecosystem, as well as the most used ETH wallet, is about to add support for Bitcoin (BTC). 

MetaMask: the most used Ethereum wallet works to add support for Bitcoin (BTC)

According to reports, it seems that MetaMask, the giant of the Ethereum ecosystem, as well as the most used ETH wallet, is working to add support for Bitcoin (BTC).

“SCOOP: @MetaMask is adding #Bitcoin support to its popular #Ethereum wallet, according to people familiar with the matter. “

At the moment, the news is not yet official, but it is a report from people who are familiar with the matter. 

And it is precisely these people who claim that the new access to Bitcoin on MetaMask could arrive as early as next month. Not only that, from what has emerged, it also seems that the functionalities have not yet been defined, but that initially they could be limited and expanded over time.

If this were the case, MetaMask would become the first giant of Ethereum to cross one of the largest divisions in cryptography.

MetaMask and Bitcoin: the Ethereum wallet par excellence opens up to BTC

For the Ethereum ecosystem, MetaMask has become essential, managing to expand the capabilities of a blockchain beyond what Bitcoin had done, adding support for smart contracts.  

At the moment, in fact, MetaMask is the gateway for over 30 million monthly active users in the Web3 world, with dApps of the DeFi and NFT.  

The Ethereum wallet par excellence was built by Consensys. In this regard, the co-founder of MetaMask, Joe Lubin, commented:

“We are excited about MetaMask’s commitment to embracing the multi-chain world of web3 and continuously exploring new integrated features to improve the usability and security of the leading self-custodial wallet. Although we cannot confirm any specific timeline for developments at this time, we are always working on innovations to better serve our users. Stay tuned for further updates when we are ready to share more.”

Since the beginning of last year, MetaMask has added Bitcoin-like features, such as Ordinals and NFT-like Runes, which have allowed the creation of memecoins on Bitcoin. Currently, MetaMask facilitates the ERC-20 token Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and not the Bitcoin Blockchain. WBTC serves as a bridge between Bitcoin and Ethereum dApps. 

The update “Transazioni Intelligenti” and the support for other wallet

At the beginning of this month, MetaMask announced its major update, called “Smart Transactions”.

The objective of this update is to combat the widespread problem of front-running on the Ethereum network, so that the functionality and security of transactions are improved.

Not only that, in the last 3 months, the Ethereum wallet par excellence has collaborated with other crypto companies, expanding access to more users. 

And indeed, among the latest collaborations, there is the “Revolut Ramp”, launched by Revolut together with MetaMask, so that users can top up their MetaMask wallets directly from their Revolut accounts.

Another important collaboration is with Coinbase, with which support has been added for Base. Users will be able to use Base on MetaMask by activating it manually.

Not only that, the famous crypto hardware wallet Ledger Nano X has recently become compatible with the MetaMask mobile app. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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