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Pepe Coin (PEPE) Millionaire Unveils Next Big Bet: RCO Finance (RCOF), Ethena (ENA), And This Token On The Radar


Pepe Coin (PEPE) represents the best of the meme coin craze for many crypto enthusiasts. PEPE officially launched around April last year, and its value skyrocketed, helping some lucky investors become millionaires. 

PEPE hit a new all-time high yesterday, with its trading volume at $3.91 billion, recording a 3.33% rise in the past 24 hours.

While it may be too late to become a PEPE millionaire, it’s still possible to make millions by joining new projects early. 

Just like how some struck gold with Pepe Coin (PEPE), investors are looking to the next big token in the DeFi space, like Ethena (ENA) and RCO Finance (RCOF), with even stronger growth potential. 

Meme Coins Taking Over the Crypto Scene: Transforming Traders into Millionaires

PEPE Coin (PEPE)’s initial success was mind-blowing. Within weeks of its launch, its market cap rose above $1 billion, an incredible milestone that took even Dogecoin (DOGE) more than four years to achieve. 

PEPE coin’s rise and popularity quickly dipped when many tokens were transferred from the project’s wallets. However, a token burn and assurances from the PEPE team restored people’s confidence in the coin.

According to Lookonchain data, a trader gained massive returns of 958,580x on their investment by buying and holding PEPE tokens. The investor bought $83 worth of PEPE last year, skyrocketing to $79.4 million as the meme coin hit an all-time high yesterday.

While Pepe Coin’s (PEPE) future remains uncertain, new contenders keep emerging in crypto to earn the title of the next big token. 

For context, Ethena (ENA) is a relatively new token that crypto enthusiasts are eyeing to make huge profits. At the time of writing, Ethena (ENA) is selling for $0.8216, with its trading volume valued at $385 million.

Captain Faibik, a respected crypto analyst, forecasts that Ethena’s (ENA) price action confirms a falling wedge breakdown. This looks promising in the short term as it indicates Ethena (ENA) could experience a price hike in the coming days. 

This also coincides with reports from Spotonchain that a Multisign wallet made $1.87M from ENA in the past four days. The wallet reportedly withdrew $13.86 million worth of ENA, with the most recent withdrawal occurring on May 21, 2021.

RCO Finance Revolutionizing the Crypto Space with Innovative Blockchain Technology

Those who missed out on holding PEPE Coin or Ethena (ENA) before officially becoming listed can still make huge profits with this gem. To capitalize on the next big token in the DeFi space, consider investing in RCO Finance (RCOF) before it hits the mainstream market. 

RCO Finance (RCOF) is a novel DeFi trading platform that allows users to buy crypto stocks. The decentralized trading platform aims to remove the barriers that prevent regular traders from accessing traditional investment opportunities. 

RCO Finance (RCOF) offers its users DeFi cards that they can use to purchase digital assets and alternative investments like bonds, shares, real estate, and commodities worldwide. 

You can access real-world assets digitally without the need to convert to any government-issued currency, the AI-powered investment platform allows you to do so much more.

Because of the privacy and security RCO Finance offers, many crypto enthusiasts trust it for secure and seamless transactions.

Investors Betting on the RCO Finance (RCOF) Presale to Gain up to 1000X Returns

RCO Finance (RCOF) offers another opportunity to hit a goldmine. The token is currently in its first presale stage, and at only $0.0127 per presale token, this might be the best time to hop on. 

Investors who see the big picture and hold RCOF from now on can gain up to 1000% ROI once the coin is finally listed on exchange platforms. By investing at this early stage, you can access exclusive bonuses like prize rewards and enjoy up to 40% off trading fees on the platform.

For more information about the RCO Finance Presale:

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