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Blockchair Takes the Lead: The Only Explorer to Support 42 Blockchains, Unleashing AI-Driven Interface to Explain On-Chain Activity

Blockchair has announced the support of 24 new blockchains into its platform, significantly enhancing its multi-blockchain explorer and professional tools offering. This expansion includes prominent names such as Solana, Base, TRON, Arbitrum One, Polygon, Polygon zkEVM, Linea, Optimism, TON, Beacon Chain, Aptos, Avalanche, DigiByte, Fantom, Handshake, Moonbeam, Peercoin, Polkadot, Sei EVM, and XRP Ledger, but also upcoming Layer 2s on Bitcoin such as BOB, Botanix, Rootstock, and Liquid Network.

‘Blockchair has historically been a Bitcoin and UTXO-chain explorer. Our expansion into the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem feels nothing but natural and we’ll keep adding more and more upcoming Bitcoin Layer 2s.’

Nikita Zhavoronkov – CEO & Lead Developer at Blockchair

The addition of these 24 blockchains brings unique capabilities and features to Blockchair’s already robust platform. This integration sets Blockchair apart from other block explorers by providing a unified interface to explore data across 42 popular chains. Users can now seamlessly access and analyze data from multiple blockchains, benefiting from enhanced user experience and functionality.

Alongside this expansion, Blockchair has also unveiled a comprehensive platform redesign aimed at improving user experience and accessibility.

New design with AI Assistant

The redesigned platform boasts lightning-fast performance and a modern, clean interface that simplifies navigation and improves accessibility. Key enhancements include intuitive navigation and distinct sections dedicated to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other ecosystems. Additionally, the Blockchair AI Assistant is introduced to help users interpret and understand on-chain data effectively and get professional support.

‘Since 2016 we have received lots of similar questions from crypto users related to their on-chain transactions, and there is fundamentally no real-time tech support for decentralized cryptocurrencies. Providing crypto users with comprehensive and, what is even more important, a safe support system – is no easy task. We have solved it. We believe AI-powered human-like interactions are the future of UI.‘

Yedige Davletgaliyev – Head of Research at Blockchair

Blockchair’s AI Assistant guides users in multiple languages through understanding on-chain data with questions such as:

– How long will it take for my transaction to be processed?

– What can be done to speed up or revert/cancel a transaction?

– How to distinguish between fraudulent and legitimate advice?

The AI assistant has already guided thousands of users not to send money or seed phrases to scammers, and will soon be made available for developers in the API.

Blockchair also improves its UX by expanding its offering of fiat currencies in which the data can be denominated and adding KYA/KYT scores to check transaction risk evaluation. According to the Blockchair team, the platform will continue to add support for new blockchains and work on its professional developer tools.

About Blockchair

Blockchair offers the most private search and analytics engine and a wide range of professional tools for scientists and developers of multi-currency wallets and exchanges, for 42 different blockchains. This includes APIs, PDF receipts and Wallet statements generator, Awesome Catalog of Blockchain and Crypto services, News Aggregator, Data Dumps, an anonymous portfolio tracker, and charts with blockchain and monetary data. The website is offered in 20 languages and no user data is gathered nor shared with third parties.

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