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The TON Foundation launches season 4 of The Open League and surpasses Ethereum in terms of daily active addresses

The Fondazione TON has recently announced the beginning of season 4 of The Open League, its prominent community incentives initiative. This launch not only marks a new chapter in the program but also highlights an important milestone for the foundation: surpassing Ethereum in terms of daily active addresses.

This result is a testament to the growing popularity and trust in the TON ecosystem, which aims to integrate cryptocurrency into daily life, offering users financial freedom and digital sovereignty.

The Open League: a catalyst for the growth of the TON project

The Open League has been fundamental in the rapid rise of TON. Designed to reward competing projects and participants in the ecosystem, the League has attracted millions of users, fostering an engaged and active community. The pilot program of the initiative, launched in March, laid the groundwork for unprecedented growth in several key metrics:

  • Daily Active Wallets (DAW): 568,000, an impressive increase of 1,403%
  • Weekly active wallets: 2.2 million, up by 1,308%
  • Monthly active wallets: 3.5 million, an increase of 775%
  • Total value locked DeFi: $320.2 million, an increase of 1,298%
  • Total value locked overall: $637.6 million, up 402%
  • Average number of daily transactions: 4.2 million, an increase of 372%

In the last three months, the TON Foundation has distributed around $40 million to the community, highlighting its commitment to incentivizing participation and growth. The main distributions include:

  • 1.4 million Toncoin for liquidity pool increases
  • 726,000 Toncoin in airdrop
  • $8.5 million in prizes for the winning teams
  • 4 million Toncoin for the USDT pools

Season 4: new features and expectations

The season 4 of The Open League introduces several updates aimed at further improving the user experience and competitive dynamics. In particular, the major and minor leagues have been merged, simplifying the competition. The top 10 projects in the ranking at the end of this season will receive significant increases in liquidity pools from the TON Foundation in season 5, providing even greater incentives for participation.

Jack Booth, Marketing Director of the Fondazione TON, expressed his enthusiasm for the new season: “We are excited to start Season Four! The last three months have shown that the community is believing in our vision of a fun, transparent, and rewarding ecosystem model. TON is the blockchain for mass adoption: simple and engaging systems introduce new users to TON in Telegram, putting cryptocurrency in every pocket.”

Driving forces behind the success of TON

Various factors have contributed to the rapid growth of the TON blockchain and its recent surpassing of Ethereum in terms of daily active addresses:

  1. Native integration of USDt: The inclusion of Tether (USDt) has improved the liquidity and utility of the TON ecosystem, making it more attractive for users and investors.
  2. Telegram Mini Apps easy to use: The seamless integration of Mini Apps within Telegram has simplified user interactions with blockchain technology, promoting greater engagement and adoption.
  3. Unrivaled scalability: The ability of the TON blockchain to handle a vast number of transactions efficiently was demonstrated last month when it onboarded 841,170 Notcoin users in 24 hours.

Looking ahead

The strategic initiatives of the Fondazione TON and the launch of season 4 of The Open League highlight its commitment to building a robust and user-friendly blockchain ecosystem. By continuing to reward and engage its community, TON not only fosters growth but also sets a benchmark for other blockchain projects.

As the Fondazione TON looks forward to the continued success of The Open League and its broader ecosystem, the blockchain community eagerly awaits further innovations and milestones. The rapid growth of active users and transactions signals a bright future for TON, positioning it as a formidable player in the blockchain space.

In conclusion, the launch of season 4 of The Open League is more than just a simple continuation of a successful program; it is a clear signal of the growing importance of TON and its potential to redefine the landscape of digital finance and blockchain technology.