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Solana Saga: users can access the Web3 cloud phone and crypto of APhone

APhone distributes 20,000 annual access passes to Solana Saga users, to activate its decentralized crypto and Web3 cloud smartphone through their devices. Not only that, on the Solana network, “Blink” and “Actions” are also coming, which will allow users to trade cryptocurrencies on their favorite social apps. 

Solana Saga and the 20,000 access passes to APhone’s Web3 cloud phone and crypto

APhone has announced that it will launch its airdrop of 20,000 passes in NFT format, dedicated to users of the crypto phone Solana Saga.

With this pass, Solana Saga holders will be able to activate the decentralized Web3 and crypto cloud smartphone of APhone, through their devices.

“Attention owners of @solanamobile. The largest airdrop of 20,000 APhone Access Pass NFT is coming. This airdrop is reserved for Solana Saga users, to enhance your web3 experience on the go. For those who haven’t gotten their hands on Saga Chapter 2 yet, we’ve got you covered! Stay tuned for more details. We are preparing a custom Saga phone for you!”

Not only that, for users who have already pre-ordered the Chapter 2 devices from Solana Mobile, APhone will offer personalized cloud phones. 

Chapter 2 has already accumulated a good 100,000 pre-orders in less than a month, despite its delivery being scheduled for early 2025, and it is set to bring new levels of native Solana functionality to a mobile device.

The cloud smartphone by APhone offers its own Web3 app store and bypasses traditional hardware limitations using Aethir’s decentralized cloud technology (DeCloud). This allows users to directly access over 500 Web3 applications, games, and DeFi protocols on the Solana blockchain, directly through a browser on their existing devices.

Solana Saga: the crypto mobile and the Web3 initiative of APhone 

In this regard, William Peckham, Chief Business Officer of APhone, stated the following:

“Our goal is to make the advanced features of Web3 accessible to everyone, at any time, without being limited by hardware constraints. At the moment, the main app stores are acting as bottlenecks for the widespread adoption of Web3. We are committed to bringing access to blockchain technology worldwide for users of all backgrounds and social classes”.

Thanks to Aethir’s decentralized cloud technology, APhone user data is distributed across a global network, eliminating single points of failure and improving data security and privacy. Additionally, Aethir provides real-time services to support a range of applications, including cloud gaming.

APhone has landed in the Solana ecosystem last March 2024, redefining the mobile experience of Web3 without any hardware limitations. Its debut saw Solana open the doors to over 500 Web3 apps, games, NFTs, DeFi protocols, and millions of users.

Solana adds “Blink” and “Actions” to trade cryptocurrencies on social apps

Another piece of news in the Solana house is the introduction of new tools that make cryptocurrency trading more accessible, such as the features for the “Actions” and “Blinks” chain.

“Today we connect Solana to the entire Internet. Vote, donate, mint, trade, pay – use Solana, everywhere. We present to you the blink (blockchain link), a new primitive that transforms onchain Actions into shareable links. Anywhere it is possible to share a link on the internet, it is possible to initiate Solana actions (even on X!).”

In practice, Blinks and Actions allow people to make transactions on blockchains directly from websites and social platforms (like X or Reddit) that they use daily.

Specifically, Solana Actions are APIs that allow users to execute transactions on the chain through various platforms, including websites, social media, and physical QR codes. In this way, Actions make it easy for developers to integrate everything that is possible to do in the Solana ecosystem directly into their applications. 

This technology will be supported by the most popular Solana wallets, such as Phantom, Backpack, Jupiter, Tensor, Sanctum, Meteora, and others.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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