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Crypto news and prices: Cipher (CPR), Throne (THN) and Internet Computer (ICP)

How are the coins Cipher (CPR), Throne (THN), and Internet Computer (ICP) performing within the crypto market? Below, let’s take a look at an overview of current and future prices and the latest news concerning them. 

Cipher: price trend and strategic partnerships 

The daily volume of the crypto Cipher (CPR) has reached 36,349.78 USD in the last 24 hours, showing an increase of 6.90% compared to the previous day. 

Compared to the all-time high, the current price of CPR marks a drop of 89.51%. However, compared to its all-time low, the current price represents an increase of 58,006.79%.

The fully diluted valuation (FDV) of CIPHER (CPR) is 4,616,405 USD. This value represents the theoretical maximum market cap, considering a maximum of 11 billion CPR tokens in circulation. 

According to the CPR token issuance program, it may take some time before this fully diluted valuation is reached.

In the last 7 days, CIPHER (CPR) has recorded an increase of 2.10% in price. Thus surpassing the global cryptocurrency market which has recorded a decrease of -3.70%.

Furthermore, CIPHER has outperformed similar currencies in the Polygon ecosystem. Recently, Cipher has also introduced NFT to create a more diversified and innovative digital asset ecosystem.

Utilizing the technical expertise of the Cipher team, this new network aims to offer users a wider range of digital asset options and an advanced trading experience. 

Cipher has also announced a strategic partnership with the CEX platform to enhance the trading experience for users. This collaboration aims to offer more trading pairs, faster transactions, and a more stable trading environment. 

Improving therefore the comfort and security of digital financial transactions for Cipher users. The goal is to accelerate development in the field of digital technology, providing users with a wider range of digital technology services.

The price of the crypto Throne in comparison with Cipher and ICP

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a significant increase in trading activity of Throne (THN) in the last 24 hours, with a trading volume of 387,185 dollars. 

This data reflects an increase of 25.80% compared to the previous day, indicating a strong interest from investors towards this digital token.

The current market capitalization of Throne (THN) is 49,457.51 dollars, ranking 4262nd on CoinGecko.

The fully diluted valuation (FDV) of Throne (THN) is 3,204,308 dollars, representing a statistical estimate of the maximum theoretical market capitalization, considering a maximum of 2 billion THN tokens in circulation. 

Throne (THN) has recorded a decrease of 31.00% in price over the last 7 days, a figure that highlights an underperformance compared to the global cryptocurrency market. 

Furthermore, Throne showed a less positive performance compared to similar cryptocurrencies in the Ethereum ecosystem, which instead recorded an increase of 12.70%.

Throne is actively exploring new opportunities in the cryptocurrency market, with particular attention to improving trading conditions through strategic partnerships. 

These efforts aim to consolidate Throne’s position as a significant player in the digital finance ecosystem, proposing innovative and secure solutions for investors.

Internet Computer revolutionizes the web3 with Verified Credentials

Internet Computer, one of the main decentralized blockchain networks by market capitalization, has recently introduced Verified Credentials (VC). 

That is, an innovative solution designed to improve online authentication and the secure sharing of personal data in the context of Web3.

The new Verified Credentials platform not only offers tools for the efficient sharing of data, but also aims to combat the spread of fake news and spam on social media, eliminating bots and fake accounts. 

Verified Credentials stands out for its walletless infrastructure, which allows users to issue, share, and consume credentials in a completely private manner.

Verified Credentials also represents an integral part of Internet Identity, one of the 9 main areas of interest of Internet Computer Protocol. 

In addition to data security, Internet Computer focuses on areas such as decentralized artificial intelligence, the merging of external blockchains with ICP through Chain Fusion, the decentralization of platforms, and the management of digital assets.

The verified credentials introduced by Internet Computer offer new opportunities and advanced features. Launched in 2021, Internet Computer continues to expand its capabilities with new features in its ecosystem. 

Among the most significant innovations is Chain-key Bitcoin (ckBTC), a token supported 1:1 by Bitcoin, which has already attracted a total value locked (TVL) of over 17 million dollars.

The Internet Computer ecosystem hosts a variety of dApps including Helix Markets, Funded, Orally, and ICDex. Developers choose this network for its completeness in the functionalities needed to implement dApps, including EVM smart contracts. 

The native token of Internet Computer, ICP, currently has a market capitalization of about 3.7 billion dollars, positioning itself as the 24th cryptocurrency by capitalization in the sector.

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