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Airdrop del metaverso Mocaverse: check your eligibility now to redeem the token MOCA

The web3 platform Mocaverse, operating in the metaverse sector, revealed yesterday the details regarding the checker of its MOCA token airdrop.

The users of the community who participated in the various phases of the project and supported its growth can now redeem rewards in the crypto MOCA.

The TGE of the new currency is expected for tomorrow, so check immediately if you are eligible for this airdrop.

All the details below.

What is the Mocaverse metaverse platform?

Before talking about airdrop, let’s briefly see what Mocaverse is.

It is a metaverse platform belonging to the Animoca Brands ecosystem, designed to support a web3 ecosystem centered on NFTs.

We talk about a decentralized virtual environment, powered by blockchain technology, where users can engage in various social activities.

Mocaverse offers access through a series of unique characters, which allow you to perform certain actions such as learning, playing, collaborating with other players, etc.

All the resources of the metaverse, including real estate, game resources, and avatars are identified through non-fungible tokens, tradable on the secondary market.

The platform prominently features a collection of 8,888 NFT characters, called Mocas, which are classified into five tribes: angels, builders, dreamers, connectors, and neo-capitalists. Each tribe symbolizes a typical personality of the web3 sector, offering a sense of ideological belonging beyond the logic of the metaverse.

Owning a mocas also implies the possibility of participating in events and inclusive situations sponsored by Anomica Brands. Among these we find educational online courses, interactive AMA sessions, game passes, in-game resources, and blockchain acceleration programs.

The floor price of the collection is around 3 ETH per NFT, down 17% after the announcement of the airdrop. In total, there are 2000 holders.

Source: https://opensea.io/collection/mocaverse

Another central resource within the Mocaverse metaverse concerns the so-called “Moca ID”, that is, tools of decentralized identity on blockchain.

These digital assets (also NFT) simplify interaction with other users of the ecosystem, offering in-game integration to communicate better.

Here too, holders of Moca ID can count on exclusive advantages such as early access to beta tests, discounts on future projects, and the opportunity to influence the development of the project.

The governance of Mocaverse is managed through a voting system powered by the project’s NFTs, where holders can guide the community’s decision-making processes.

The governance of Mocaverse is conducted through the Moca DAO, whose NFT holders exercise their rights to propose, vote, and implement changes, ensuring community-driven leadership and decision-making processes.

Source: https://www.mocaverse.xyz/mocadao

Airdrop of the MOCA token to the holders of the Mocaverse metaverse NFTs: check eligibility

Yesterday, Mocaverse announced the checker for the airdrop of its MOCA token, which will be distributed to the early adopters of the metaverse.

The claim, as well as the TGE of the new cryptocurrency, is set for July 11th.

According to the project team, in this first phase the airdrop reflects an allocation equal to 10% of the total supply of MOCA.

All holders of the NFT Mocaverse collection can redeem their share, with ⅓ of the prize unlocked at TGE. Another ⅓ of the allocation is unlocked according to a linear vesting of 52 weeks starting from the second claim date on October 11, 2024.

Finally, the last same part will be unlocked through future incentive plans for the holders of Moca NFT.

Check immediately at this link the eligibility for the airdrop.

Source: https://x.com/MOCAFoundation/status/1793142226849325416

Users who are fortunate enough to have received the airdrop can claim it within 30 days through the same wallet that holds the Mocaverse NFT.

The quantity of redeemable tokens depends on the loyalty of each participant in the metaverse, calculated according to the holding time of Moca NFT. In this regard, this loyalty is counted through a points program: to be eligible it is necessary to have at least 1,500 RP points.

Very important to emphasize how the holders of the airdrop have two methods available to obtain the final prize: “Request now or Request extra”.

In practice, they can choose whether to make the claim tomorrow or wait for a later time and redeem an increased amount of tokens.

The bonus amounts to 40% more than the initial airdrop share. However, if one chooses the “Richiedi extra” option, they will be able to claim only 35% at the TGE, while the remaining 65% will be available after 3 months.

The choice of each user must be communicated on the airdrop page by 04:00 am UTC on July 11. In case of no response, the claim will be automatically opened according to the standard version “Richiedi ora“.

Awards also for MOCA ID holders

The airdrop of the Mocaverse metaverse platform includes rewards also for the holders of Moca ID.

For this category of users holding NFTs, 2 rounds of airdrop are planned, offering a total of 21.5% of the MOCA token supply.

Currently, the first round is not yet live: in this case as well, the basic criterion for eligibility is the presence of at least 1,500 RP points.

If you are holders of Moca ID but do not have enough points do not worry, through the Cosmic Hunt program you can participate in various initiatives and accumulate more RP.

Even at the end of the first round, there will be other campaigns to earn RP points through campaigns managed by Mocaverse partners.

The second round should approximately be the most substantial in terms of airdrop, with a wide audience to reach.

You can check the eligibility at the same link for the holders of Mocaverse NFTs.

Moca airdrop mocaverse metaverso

According to what was established by the metaverse team, Moca ID holders must necessarily register by July 29 to avoid losing eligibility.

In particular, users have 3 windows available to register on the airdrop platform and verify their allocation. The MOCA tokens from the airdrop will be automatically put in stake until the official claim date for this category.

If no registration action is taken by the user by July 29, all MOCA tokens will be removed from the allocation and distributed to the community on other occasions.

Source: https://medium.com/mocaverse/moca-id-airdrop-af8bd42ca8ee
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