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Who is Michael Novogratz and what are his predictions about Bitcoin?

Born on November 26th, 1964 in the state of Virginia. Since he was a kid he has been passionate about wrestling and participates in various competitions at the national level

Mike Novogratz wins half a bitcoin for a bet on the US elections

The billionaire then decided to give the winnings to new bitcoiners

Novogratz: the future of bitcoin after the Coronavirus

No one is immune to the emotions that are roaming the markets at this time, regardless of their nature

Mike Novogratz: “Bitcoin is the only real digital gold”

The famous investor and entrepreneur of the crypto sector has also stated that BTC is sovereign money and that sovereignty should have high costs

Mike Novogratz: a bitcoin donation to Princeton University

Today, the renowned institute has received a cryptocurrency contribution

Mike Novogratz, “Crypto market recovery is the only way forward”

The founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital Capital Management, doesn't use mince words to explain that crypto prices are collapsing, but an upward trend is expected

Novogratz: “In 5-6 years the mass will invest in crypto”

According to the manager, many institutions are not ready to invest despite the increasing interest. It takes an effort from the regulators because they haven't been performing well so far

The 10 companies with the largest Bitcoin portfolios

The trend is driven by pioneers like MicroStrategy and Tesla.

The CEO of Galaxy Digital’s predictions for the Bitcoin Spot ETF: it will happen in January.

The sector's expectations awaiting the decision on the Bitcoin Spot ETF.

Current crypto billionaires: who are they and where do they live?

United States in the lead, followed by China and South Korea

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