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Mt.Gox postpones the start of refunds to January

In fact, they will most likely take place starting in February, or even in late spring

Mt.Gox: repayment plan approved

Claims will not be repaid until at least October

Mt.Gox: creditors’ draft reimbursement plan is here

Creditors of the crypto exchange that went bankrupt in 2014 have received a draft payment plan from the insolvency administrator

Bearish signal for Bitcoin: Mt.Gox will pay creditors

150,000 BTC could be put on the market from mid-December, which is how much the miners collect in five months

Mt.Gox: the story of how it went bankrupt

The entire history of one of the most famous exchanges in the world

Great news for Bitcoin creditors of Mt. Gox

Communicate the figures of the refunds in BTC and BCH, and they are higher than expected.

All the cryptocurrencies you can buy on eToro: a guide for beginners

Etoro is a broker with its legal headquarters in the British Virgin Islands that offers its clients the opportunity to trade stocks, cryptocurrencies, currencies,...

OneCoin: 4 years in prison for one of the leaders of the crypto Ponzi scheme

Now almost all the leaders of the well-known scam have been convicted, except for the co-founder who is still missing.

MicroStrategy news: 190,000 Bitcoins reached

Other 850 BTC purchased in January by Michael Saylor's company.

Bitcoin recovers $43,000 and fuels optimism in the market: price analysis

Bitcoin closed yesterday above $43,000, opening the doors to different graphical scenarios: here is the price analysis.

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