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Aleph Zero Launches Alephoria: Exciting Airdrops, Tournaments, and Rewards Await Users

Zug, Switzerland, May 17th, 2024, ChainwireAlephoria invites web3 users to the Aleph Zero ecosystem with an interactive initiative of campaigns as projects launchAleph Zero–the...

8 Best Crypto Airdrops To Earn Free Coins In May 2024

Crypto airdrops take place all the time, and they represent a great opportunity to earn a small amount of digital currency for free. Here are the best one in May.

The $12 million crypto airdrop in NEXO tokens

It is an unusual airdrop that requires collecting points on the platform.

The hunt against sybils: LayerZero completes the first snapshot of its crypto airdrop and invites the community to come together for on-chain malicious activities

The famous LayerZero interoperability project is about to change the landscape of crypto airdrops once and for all.

Io.Net: the DePin project announces a crypto airdrop campaign dedicated to graphics card holders

If you have a graphics card, currently the crypto airdrop of the Depin project by Io.Net will be perfect for you.

World of Dypians Offers Up to 1M $WOD and $225,000 in Premium Subscriptions via the BNB Chain Airdrop Alliance Program

Tortola, BVI, May 1st, 2024, ChainwireWorld of Dypians (WOD) - an immersive, revolutionary MMORPG available on Epic Games, is on an exclusive list of...

The launch of Renzo airdrops: REZ token debuts with a market capitalization of $289 million

Trading frenzy: REZ Token accumulates trades for 75 million dollars in one hour

The community first and foremost: the Renzo protocol modifies some parameters for the REZ token airdrop after complaints from some users

On April 23rd, Renzo announced all the details of the airdrop of their governance token REZ.

The memecoin airdrop temporarily reduces the cost of the Solana phone “Chapter 2”

Thematic cat-shaped airdrops: Solana phone customers get a memecoin bonus

Grass airdrop: earn crypto for free by selling excess bandwidthGrass airdrop:

In this article of the airdrop crypto column we delve into Grass, a blockchain protocol that presents itself as the data layer of the AI world.

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