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A look at the upcoming crypto airdrops on the horizon: zkSync is very close!

The first months of 2024 have been very satisfying for crypto airdrop hunters, who have celebrated the launches of Celestia, Altlayer, Dymension, Jupiter, Ethena, Polyhedra Starknet, Etherfi, Wormhole, Tensor, Saga and Omni Network.

Now, however, many other token distributions are on the horizon: first of all zkSync, which could launch its own coin ZKS, likely by the end of April or the beginning of May.

Let’s see below which projects will launch an airdrop in the near future, and let’s try to understand where it is convenient to place our liquidity for future drops.

Many crypto airdrops coming in the next months: we are almost there for zkSync

Following the various launches of new tokens that took place in the first quarter of 2024, crypto airdrop farmers expect many more satisfactions in the near future.

At this moment all eyes are on zkSync Era, a scaling solution zk-rollup L2 of the Ethereum blockchain, now in mainnet for over a year.

Matter Labs, the foundation dedicated to the development of cryptographic infrastructure, has repeatedly emphasized the need to decentralize its own ecosystem, effectively anticipating the announcement of the airdrop of the crypto ZKS which will likely be distributed to all those who have contributed to its growth since its inception.

Speculations about an upcoming airdrop have intensified since April 15, when the “web3 wallet” section of the Binance exchange announced an airdrop campaign worth $80,000 for zkSync users (paid in USDT).

The last time Binance had carried out a similar campaign was in February with the Polyhedra project, which then launched the ZK token airdrop the following month, with a direct listing on the exchange.

It is not excluded that zkSync could follow the same pre-launch process.

Furthermore, to further push the theories about an upcoming airdrop for the Ethereum layer-2 there is the news of the departure of senior developer “0xSebastiena“, who announced in a post on X that he wants to detach himself from zkSync development to launch a proprietary project.

Usually this kind of news anticipates a big launch: the fact that the developer has finished his experience in growing zkSync testifies that the infrastructure is ready for a new chapter in its existence.

Many expect ZKS’s airdrop to be the most lucrative of 2024, as well as one of the most glorious launches in the history of cryptocurrencies.

More airdrops coming soon: check your eligibility

In addition to Zksync, many other token airdrops have been announced (or will be shortly) by their respective projects and are about to arrive in the crypto markets.

For example Soarchain, a platform built on Cosmos that aims to revolutionize the automotive industry with its blockchain acting as a database for general vehicle driving data, has recently announced the arrival of its native token.

In this case, ATOM, TIA, and AKT stakers who have locked their coins before January 5, 2024 are eligible for the airdrop: check your eligibility at this link.

It is worth noting how Drift, a perpetual DEX operating on Solana, has announced to its audience that in the coming weeks it will airdrop 100 million tokens to users who have used the protocol the most.

This is yet another recognition of the strong on-chain activity recorded on Solana in recent months, with early adopters of the chain receiving more tokens as gifts after JUP, JITO, BONK, PRCL, and many others.

It is also necessary to report the latest updates from BounceBit, a restaking protocol that aims to offer a yield to BTC stakers, where the next listing of the BB crypto on the Binance exchange has been announced.

With an event called “Megadrop“, 168,000,000 BB tokens will be released to the first users of the chain, an amount equal to 8% of the total supply.

Finally, the latest news of the week regarding airdrops concerns the layer-2 of Ethereum Scroll, which has revealed the launch of the “Loyalty Programm” initiative aimed at giving a score to participants in their ecosystem in view of a future coin distribution.

In order to earn points and be eligible for the airdrop, it is necessary to bridge ETH or wstETH through the native bridge, or bridge STONE through LayerZero, and then interact with as many protocols as possible on the network.

It’s time to migrate to other projects: what are the next airdrops to focus on

With the zkSync airdrop now imminent, and with many other drops on the way, it’s time for airdrop hunters to strategically reallocate their assets in order to qualify for future rewards.

Without prejudice to the fact that there is no theoretically perfect allocation that can guarantee the maximum future gain, we can still hypothesize what will be the projects that will give more tokens to their communities in the next year and on which we still have time to try some on-chain interactions.

First of all, we emphasize how, once ZKS is launched, it will be advisable to move the liquidity currently on the chain to alternative layer-2 solutions such as Linea, Zora, and Scroll, which should complete their airdrop by the end of the year.

Until the end of May/ beginning of June we still find excellent farming opportunities on restaking protocols like EigenLayer, Renzo, Swell and Etherfi with various incentives for the staker community.

Until the beginning of the summer season, we can continue to earn points on protocols like BounceBit, Ethena, Orbiter and Merkle Trade, waiting for the release of their respective governance tokens.

Once this period is over, it would be advisable to move your liquidity elsewhere, to ecosystems where there are still few users and where we can position ourselves ahead of the rest of the market.

First of all, we find Monad, a super scalable layer-1 blockchain that aims to achieve the ability to execute 10,000 transactions per second, which should land on mainnet within a few months.

Recently the project raised capital for 225 million dollars, in a financing round led by VC paradigm: this is a potential signal for a future airdrop, with the next Monad token serving to repay the Ventures’ investments.

It will be very important to also step into the new layer-2 of Ethereum “X Layer“, managed by the cryptocurrency exchange Okx.

The company’s goal is to bring 50 million users on-chain, and to do so economic incentives will be needed: even though the possibility of releasing a token has not been mentioned yet, we believe that making some transactions on the platform in the coming months will be essential to achieve a potential excellent return.

Finally, we will also need to take a look at the layer-2 of Worldcoin, called “World Chain“: even though the WLD token has already been released in the past to all those who have undergone iris biometric scanning in the early stages of the project, it is not excluded that a second airdrop phase may arrive for users of the new network.

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