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Grass airdrop: earn crypto for free by selling excess bandwidthGrass airdrop:

In this article of our column dedicated to crypto airdrops, we delve into Grass, a blockchain protocol that presents itself as the data layer of the AI world.

The project plans to release a crypto airdrop to all users who provide their excess bandwidth, which is then transferred to certain machine learning models.

Each GRASS point is traded in pre-market at 0.0016 dollars.

Let’s see below how to earn as many points as possible for free and qualify for the Grass airdrop.

WARNING: there is only time until May 10th. 

What is and how does Grass work: the data layer of the AI world

Grass is a web3 platform that allows users to earn crypto for free through an airdrop program with points, simply by sharing their unused bandwidth.

The mantra of this application is based on the concept of “data“, which is becoming increasingly important in the world of artificial intelligence: in practice, Grass encourages users to install software on their device, which sells their excess internet connection to the platform in exchange for airdrop points that will then be converted into tokens at the TGE (token generation event).

The data itself, extracted from public websites, is sold to AI companies that use it to define machine learning models.

grass crypto airdrop
Source: https://www.getgrass.io/

Grass represents the intermediary of this exchange of resources, supporting the artificial intelligence industry on one hand, and offering a free income opportunity to its community through an entirely innovative DePin network.

The project defines itself as “Data layer AI“, ready to support a sustainable and scalable data network that opposes the dominance of big tech companies like Google and Microsoft:

This is described in a blog post from the company:

“Grass is enabling the creation of a decentralized and open source artificial intelligence, creating alternative paths for accessing web data. If no one does it, companies like Google and Microsoft will have the power to guard the public web, being the only entities that have indexed everything.”

It is worth noting how Grass pays the utmost attention to the privacy of its audience. In fact, the data sold by users only refers to public content taken from online websites.

By installing the Grass extension and running the node, there is no interaction with the hard drive of your hardware, so there is no connection with your data and your privacy.

The project has raised 4.5 million dollars in two funding rounds led by VC such as Polychain Capital and Tribe Capital, simultaneously announcing the future release of a crypto airdrop to early adopters of the application.

At the moment we are in the final phase of the incentive program launched by Grass, and we have time until May 10 to sell our excess bandwidth and accumulate points for the airdrop.

Join the Grass airdrop and earn crypto

Participating in the Grass crypto airdrop is easy and free: first of all, you need to visit the official website of the project and sign up with your email and password.

In order to complete the registration, you need to have an invitation code, you can use this code.

Alternatively, if the latter is no longer valid, you can easily find others on X by typing “Grass code” in the search bar and looking through the various posts published by users. 

Once logged in, you will need to download the Grass extension for your browser and connect to your internet network. Once connected, you will earn points automatically: the more you browse the internet, the more points you will earn.

Be sure to check the quality of your network: if you don’t have enough bandwidth, you won’t earn points and therefore won’t receive an allocation for the crypto airdrop.

In the “dashboard” section we find a summary of the points earned and the networks you are connected to. You can get a multiplier by sharing your referral code with your community of friends. The boost is 20% of the earnings of direct referrals, 10% for secondary indirect referrals, and 5% for tertiary referrals.

WARNING: a minimum connection time of 100 hours is required to be eligible for the airdrop.

grass dashboard
Source: https://www.getgrass.io/

You can get additional allocation for the Grass airdrop by completing missions on Galxe, which involve social tasks on X and Discord.

Currently Grass points are being traded in the pre-market at 0.0016 dollars, according to the prices on the prediction platform Whales.market.

grass crypto airdrop

The team has confirmed the intention to launch their governance token as soon as possible, citing the community of early adopters without directly referring to the holders of these points.

Therefore, profit is not guaranteed 100%. However, participating is free, and does not harm privacy, so it’s worth trying until May 10th (when “epoch 4” will end).

Alessandro Adami
Alessandro Adami
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