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The Bank of Montreal in Canada announces its holdings in ETFs on Bitcoin Spot

The Bank of Montreal, the fourth largest bank in Canada by assets, has disclosed its holdings in a Bitcoin spot ETF.

Collapse of Bitcoin ETF market share in Canada

The new US ETFs have literally broken the record held by the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Bitcoin ETFs in Canada: all-time high reached

The need for new crypto-based financial products is growing and ETFs are meeting that need

Bitcoin ETF demand increases in Canada

The Purpose Bitcoin ETF (BTCC) hit an all-time high in demand yesterday

An ETF combining BTC and ETH launched in Canada

This is the first ETF of its kind in the North American markets, pending approval for the US markets as well

Canada’s Bitcoin ETF booms on debut

Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, it traded the equivalent of $165 million on the first day

Canada, First Block Capital to launch blockchain ETFs

Next month the Canadian fund will launch a financial product based on titles such as Walmart, IBM, Amazon or other companies that develop DLT solutions

Even Australia ready to approve Bitcoin ETFs

They should arrive by the end of the year at the Sydney Stock Exchange, the country's main one.

Great news for BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF

Record of volumes, and overtaking at the doors of the historic Grayscale ETF.

Blockchain Futurist Conference this August 13-14, 2024 to Showcase the Future of Bitcoin, Web3, and Cryptocurrency in Toronto, Canada

As a trailblazer in the Web3 community, the conference will delve into critical themes.

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